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Friday, June 5, 2009

Rain,Wind,& Stormy Weather but no trip to Oz.

Fourth of July Rose and unknown
Climbing Rose

Mock Orange

Back yard/garden.
Chicken Coop in the back.And the Raspberries are along the fence.Tree in right corner is an Asian Pear

The pile of straw holds our Potatoes. Hay Bale Garden beds from the front.

We had a big storm here in the Portland area yesterday.The weather report said to brace for 60 MPH winds, inches of rain and maybe a tornado.( We do get some small twisters here especially farther down the Willamette Valley.Rarely do they do much damage.) It blew and rained but the storm fizzled out by the time it hit us.
Stormy weather equals a party mood here on our block.All the neighbors came out to see what was going on.One neighbor said it felt like being in a kid in the South,storm weather was brewing.It is not uncommon for folks around here to sit on the porches to watch the show Mother Nature is putting on.Only two things happened,a tree branch fell in a yard and a board went flying and dented my car.
We had some thunder and lighting but not a big show like in other parts of the country.We had a "picnic" dinner in front of our big front window so we would not miss a thing.
Today it is cool and damp.Just the way my Oregon body likes it.Having lived here my whole life rain is a vital part to my being.I get tired of winter and its gloom but after a couple of weeks of warm dry weather my body craves wet.
Just the other day I had looked up the local weather on the Farmers Almanac's report for June.The Almanac was calling for rain the 1st -3rd of June. I guess things just got delayed and came all at once.I am hoping the cooler weather it predicts for the rest of the month is true.It got hot here to quick and I was worring about the garden.
The garden is doing just fine.Growing and starting to take off like it should be. The green beans I planted are up and it will be time to string them soon. I planted Blue Lake Pole Beans,if I remember right they were developed right here in Oregon and tend to be hardy abundant producers. We have been munching on handfuls of Strawberries and pulling lots of Radishes.
I noticed last night when I did the final egg check that we had 6 eggs for the day . I was puzzled by it. Had we missed some the day before? I stopped tracking the eggs after a month,the average was not changing from 4 a day.Sol even noticed the "new"eggs.They are smaller and a different color then what we have been getting.We think the Wynadotts have started laying a month earlier than we thought.New laying hen's eggs tend to be smaller until they get the hang of things. And since I can look at our eggs and tell you who laid which egg this must be what is going on.So I have started my egg counting again.
While we are waiting around for the garden to burst with food,I am going to try my hand at making some homemade cleaning solutions and soaps.I have been reading up on it on a blog called Down to Earth. Along with cruising around online.Chance also reminded me that we have not done the Mozzarella project yet. We are preparing for a big family party here this weekend so once that is out of the way we can work on some of these other projects.
I hope you enjoyed the photos I unloaded today.I am still learning how to tag photos and get it all working right.
Until next time,

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