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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Snap Crazy

Grape Leaves,
Grape Arbor
Snow Ball Shrub,
Front yard looking West
Bartlet Pear and backyard,
Swiss Chard
Hay Bales looking West
Garden looking East(Blooming Rosemary on left,Chicken Run/Coop back right)
Front Beds
View of House from street
Flowers coming up front walk with the new
Iris' I just planted

Finally a break in the rain today! Today on the noon news the weatherman said we have already had a whole May's worth of rain,there has not been this wet of a May since 1998.So to all of my fellow Oregonians there is a reason behind all of our glumness.
Our hops this year have gone crazy.We have trimmed extra roots several times already.Hops were one of the major projects to be done.We were inspired by the way our friend train their hops.Chance strung strings in a fan shape up the trellises.This will hopefully give us more summer shade on those southern windows.We have so many extras that we are going to build/plant a screen of hops along one side of our front stoop.We don't have a rail or roof over this spot,the hops will give us a more room like feeling to the front porch.
I also planted more radishes since the ones were are already eating are so good.I went ahead and planted the Cucumbers and Yellow Crook Necked Squash.This is a couple of weeks earlier than I have planted them but the weather is warming up so it should be fine. I read on the Crook Necks packaging that Borage is helpful in the pollination of this kind of squash.I had already planted some starts that were waiting to be planted so in they went near the squash.I planted the rest of the seeds here and there to use them up.I had bought the Borage because bees like it and bees in the garden are always helpful.
Before it got to dark I went out and went snap happy with the camera.I had been planning on updating the photos any way and with things looking so good and the rain clearing I took advantage.I hope you enjoy them and find them inspiring.


  1. Where did you get your borage seeds? I would dearly love to get some to plant around my yard. Did you know that borage is also edible. The beautiful tiny blue flowers are a great salad garnish. I've also heard that you can eat the leaves but I never have.

  2. I bought mine through Territorial Seeds in Cottage Grove.
    Yes I did know you can eat Borage.The flowers are also good in ice cubes since they have a lemon flavor to them.I am thinking Ice Tea with those babies sounds goooood.

  3. One more thing,I need a better camera! These photos do no justice.And I wish a person could tag photos on Blogger like you can else where.Leave a comment for info on whats in the photos.

  4. Hello Rois, thanks for your comment. What a great garden you have. I love it! What is that vine? And the tree near the shed, what is that? Aren't hay bales great. We planted into them one year and had a great result. My step son is currently using them as a retaining wall and planting in them at the same time.

  5. The vine is our grape.we have no idea what kind it is my Dad gave it to us and then forgot the name of it.It grows a nice medium pale purple grape.
    The tree is our Bartlet Pear.It looks like this year will be one of its bumper crops.Every other year we don't get much but this year I have my fingers crossed.
    I like the idea of using the Hay Bales a wall and for planting,I will have to remember that.
    I have also read about them being used as an outdoor cold storage for root crops.
    Thanks so much for checking out my blog.

  6. Rois.. I've been reading your blog for a bit and I love what you've done.

    I recently converted half of my front yard in sellwood to raised beds.. and am already overrun with produce.

    I have extra rennet if you still need some for cheesemaking ( as I've made a lot of cheese ) or you can just go to new seasons and buy it.. just ask for it, and they'll grab it for you.

    all the best