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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dinner out and an unexpected guest

"I am so happy today mama" Said Sol. Why? "You are up out of bed,the sun is shining and things are just good". Sigh says my Mother's Heart. We had a lovely evening.We had our first dinner in the garden,BBQ Chicken (This always makes me wonder,"what do the Hens think of us cooking their kin right here near them?") salad from the garden and Garlic Pasta.
While waiting for the food to cook we had a surprise visitor.A beautiful and huge Moth.The Moth had these amazing "eyes" on its wings with spots of pink.I have never seen one of these pretties before.We took a close look and then Chance put the Moth on our Pear Tree where it seemed happy to fade away into the bark.The Moth is still there this morning.
Issac had Jacob here for the night.Jacob is a good friend and it was a bit startling to see how tall he is growing,just like my own boys. Issac and Jacob are in Boy Scouts together and wanted to try to make a Dutch Oven Dessert on their own.They had hoped to perfect it before the next Scout get together to surprise the other boys with their new found skill.Well, being teen aged boys they figured the more sugary goo they put in the cookie dough the better.Not! 2 kinds of chips,Rollo's and mini Snickers just made for burnt sugar in the cookies.The idea was good but the flavor was ah...Burnt Sugar. So before the next Scout get together I told them I would help them come up with something else that would work.I have had my fair share of Dutch Oven cooking in a fire and I love doing it. I think a simple cake would be best for the boys.In fact I am now inspired to try( for here at home,not at Scouts) a Chocolate Lava Cake,the kind with the gooey middle.These bake quick and might work out. All of this talking about baking with wood makes me wanting to get the Cobb Oven built.
We also let all of the Chickens out.The older girls made a bee line for the compost bin,their favorite snack spot.The young Wynadotts stood at their gate looking out with this look on their faces " Ummm, are we suppose to go out there?" We had to push them out but taking the older girls' lead they got busy! The Wynadotts will get some yard training from here on out.Just simple shooing out of the garden and learning that when we call "Coop,Coop" it is time to go in.Have I mentioned Thora loves helping when it is time to round up the girls? She's very good at it and not mean at all.A farm dog in the city still doing her job.
Today we move the Le Poultes out to the big coop.They have grown so much and need more room.Then we will move on to painting the porch.The work is never done but it's ok, we like it that way.
I discovered new comments from some new readers. Thank you for the comments and I am happy to see new people are reading my rambling saga. I had thought my blog would only be about the Hay Bale Gardening but it has taken on its own life.I suppose now Hrafinstaad.blogspot.com is about our journey towards becoming more independent and all that it entails. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.I'd love to hear back how some of you spent your time.


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