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Friday, May 15, 2009

I ISpent the last four days sleeping off the crud.This morning I got up feeling much better and needing to prepare for a house full of teen aged boys this afternoon. I made sure I had a plate FULL of cookies baked and a BIG jar of Sun Tea brewing before the boys arrive.I love having the house full of kids.Most of the boys' friends have been around since either boy was 5.It is a nice mixed bag of boys and girls who like to pile into our house and hang out.
I am heads over heels in LOVE with how the new porch turned out.Mothers Day I went and picked out flowers for the pots on the porch.I stuck with some old stand by's for this year until I figure out the new sunlight.With the tree gone and the hops going up who knows.I still have shade till around 4PM.It was raining again this week so Chance did not start to paint yet.This weekend is suppose to be sunny and the boys are busy with Scouts so maybe we can do it together. I had Chance hang a Candle Chandelier(those WICKED Blacksmithing skills again.Oh so handy!) he had made for us up on the the porch.He used a branch from the Blue Spruce that was mostly centered.I tried to get a good photo but nothing was working just right.
The final photo is my Mother's Day gift from Sol.He really wanted me to have a pair of Mucking Boots for working outside.He started out by talking about the fancy assorted ones you some times see in stores now. Whoa Horse! I am not a fancy girl and spending $60 on Muck Boots is INSANE esp if you are barely 12! So very sweet but lets figure out something else. I remembered at one of the local shops they had $20 plain black ones; much better price.But not stylish enough for Sol's Mama.So Sol spray painted a stencil of a Sparrow on them.I love them, so very me, cheap (ha ha ha,no comments from the Peanut Gallery!) crafty and one of a kind! I did not get to take a photo of Issac's gift to me,Hot homemade Scones served in bed.He made the Scones himself and felt pretty proud.
We inspected the fruit trees and things are looking tasty! Lots of Pears and Apples coming on.Along with Raspberries. I think this evening we will have with dinner a salad of mixed micro greens from the garden.I love salads and this one is well earned.
Besides baking cookies this morning I made bread.I was going to try and put up the recipe here but I am going to have to do some head scratching. I have taken the basic bread I grew up on and changed it. So once I get it worked out I will post it . I tend to put in half of the Wheat flour and then add in some other flour and a bit of mixed grain cereal ( 7,8 or 10 Grain mix used for Hot Cereal/Mush). We like it and it uses up odd bits of just about anything.
Well I must go.I have been informed by the boys that this evening the older boys are doing some Dutch Oven cooking .Looks like a fun evening filled with fire and food.


  1. love the boots Rois. And we want to come for bbq! It is lovely following your blog- like we're not reaaly so far away! xo kt

  2. Thanks Guys,As always for the two of you the door is always open.Come see us soon.