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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A $6 project

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here at Hrafinstaad. After doing a bit of digging Chance got busy building supports for the Hops by the front porch.When I first talked to Chance about this idea I thought we could just build a U shaped trellis with strings running up for the Hops. Chance had a more creative idea,an actual structure with a handrail and windows.
The whole project only cost us $6! And only because we needed a box of wood screws.The wood for the structure was already here and salvaged from a side job Chance had done awhile ago,the windows were also rescued from a side job. We also lucked out with the spindles for the railing.Our neighbors had recently taken down their railing and brought the left overs to us.One less thing sitting around in their yard and put to good use.

When the building is done we are going to paint the new "porch" the same green we have for our house trim.Then we can start training the hops up up up.
We had some good company while working,both Thora GoodDog and Abby Chicken spent the afternoon in the sun.I brought Abby out in a small Chicken Tractor to eat some grass and what ever else she could find.At some point we would like to build a bigger Chicken Tractor but it is so far down the list of things to do that it is going to be awhile.
Yesterday in the morning I went and picked up our Tomato and Pepper order from Eve and Bryan.The Tomatoes were a bit rangie but look strong and healthy.Eve had spent a good deal of time nursing the plants.Even in the green house the plants were having a hard time getting sun and heat.Our wintery spring has made growing tricky for everyone.
After talking with Eve about planting I went ahead and planted the Tomatoes. In the past I have waited till the last weekend of May to plant but these Tomatoes were ready and needing to be planted now.The peppers will live on a windowsill for a couple more weeks,it is still to cold for them.
Meat Chick update,they are fine and growing.We did lose one to whatever Chicks die from.We now have a total of 7.We had bought 2 more of the same batch from Urban Farm.I don't think I mention them much because I don't want anyone to get attached to the idea of them being around forever.
Today while Chance is away on a fishing trip (Let's hope it is Catching not just Fishing!) I think I will go do some fun nurserie shopping,flowers! I have a list of things I am thinking of but who knows what I will be inspired by.I want some showie colors to add here and there.I already bought some Sunflower seeds.( Sol has never received the seeds from USF for the Bee project.So we will plant some anyway) I bought the giant ones that grow to 7 feet with seed heads 1 foot across and some mixed colored ones that grow to be 4-5 feet tall.I want these inbetween the Hop Arbors on the Sounthern side of the house.
I received a comment from a fellow named Todd who offered me some Rennet for cheese making.I was very tickled that he was willing to share this with me.I have not had time this week to make the Mozzarella.I had Issac home with a bad ear infection.He is better now and back to his spunky self. Todd if you are reading this,if you have any tips about Mozzarella please let me know.Cheese is new to me so advice is greatly welcome.Or anyone else out there who has made cheese who has some tip or warning pipe up already!
So I close this posting filled with happiness.The garden is looking more and more like the bountiful basket of goodness I had hoped for.The new porch is an exciting surprise waiting to be used.And THE SUN IS SHINNING on my poor wearie Oregonian head! I tell ya,this year sunny days have been like a drug for me.With that go out and get drunk on sunshine everyone!


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