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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunshine and Apple Blossoms

Wow the weather here has been so amazing.Just when we were thinking we should move some place with more sun out pops the sun and all of its glory.Now we are due for a day of showers which makes me so very happy.We have been busy planting here and the rain will bed every thing in nicely.
With the nice weather I have been able to use the Clothes Line Chance built for me. He has not had time to forge the supports yet so Chance braced it with extra clothes line. How lovely everything smells when I bring it in.If only the freshness lasted till the next washing.Issac did ask me if I had changed the detergent since his clothes were no longer soft.Get over it kid this is a new era.I do plan on sticking the bath towels in for the last few minutes of dry time,those I want to be softer.
We spent an entire afternoon planting.Chance being the bold one asked at our local nursery what they were doing with some sad looking plants.The answer was composting them but we could have them for FREE! We managed to bring home two trays of assorted herbs,a Lilac (one of my most favorites) which we did not even know was one until we looked up the Latin name on the tag.Two Pomegranite,yes they will grow here just fine.We already had one that we have been carefully nursing to a bigger size.We planted all three of the Pomegranite along the fence on the "Plumb Side" of the house. Yeah! fruit and a screen between us and the neighbors!
The one herb plant we brought home that I am not familiar with is Horehound.No clue. Its tag said it is good for sore throats and I think at some point in time there were Horehound candies. I planted them any way figuring my Foster Sister (Hey Missa!) who is an Herbalist might want some.
The not so little Chicks are getting big.They can now reach into the Big Hens water bucket and the feed bins.They seem to have lost their names and are now just "The Dotts" They do respond to us calling them which is funny to see them come running and stumbling over themselves.
I am starting to keep track of how many eggs the older Hens are putting out.So far this week the count is 13 in 4 days.It is looking like our oldest Hen is still laying I had thought she was done. Once "The Dotts" start to lay we should be up to 7-8 eggs a day.Thats when we will have plenty to share and posssibly sell. The feed costs me 66 cents a day to feed all 8 birds. For 4 days worth of feed is $2.64, a dozen Organic eggs are $4.49 a dozen at a local market. I have a savings of $1.84 per dozen eggs. Over one month I will get 7.5 dozen eggs (using the numbers I have so far) with a savings of $13.80, almost the price of a bag of feed.Again once "The Dotts" start to lay this will all be re figured.
At end of this week our meat Chicks come.I have misplaced the name of them but they are a heritage breed with all dark meat.These birds are considered a free range meat chicken and grow slower than the typical Cornish Crosses that most folks raise. The Cornish Crosses totally gross me out. There is something so very against nature about a bird that simply eats and eats,grows so fast it can not walk and never leaves the feed bins side. Once you see this sight you may find your self a bit turned off of the idea of raising your own meat.It reminds me of the movie "Super Size Me" if you have ever seen the movie it may give you a clue as to what I am getting at here.
Once the Meat Chicks are ready to butcher at six weeks we will be teaching a Chicken Butchering class at The Urban Farm Store in Portland.If you are interested please check back here for the date or I have Urban Farm as a link where you cna check their calandar.
The garden has been come a big tease.What is up is so yummy looking but not ready to eat and it is not time for the next round of planting.I actually made sure I "hid" the seed packets so I would not be tempted to plant any thing to soon.
Our friends Eve and Bryan who have the Tomatoes for sale have sent me their list of Dahlia Tubers.The list is long and a rainbow of colors.Again they are offering great prices. $3.00 each Tuber or 2 for $5.00.I am in for $20 worth.I love all the colors and sizes they come in.If you would like to find out more about the Dahilas please feel free to call Eve and Bryan (503) 240-6375.
We have been asked by many people about visiting Hrafinstaad to see all there is to see.After some thought Chance and I have deceided to put this offer out.Visits are an option with an appointment.Please leave us your contact information at hrafinstaad@aol.com and also let us know how you found us in your email.Some time this summer we are planning an Open House type event,I will be sure to keep every one posted on the date.
I have no witty closing, no peral of wisdom simply ...
Until next time,

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