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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


As I look out our windows my eyes are filled with the lushness of Spring.With the warm weather we had a week or so ago and now a long rainy spell life has sprung out of its winter sleep. Every Spring I am amazed at the return of green,it is every where I look. It is like my eyes have lost the ability to see color over the gray Oregon winter.
Out the porch window I see the bright pink of our Bleeding Heart that is a mass of little dangles,the French Mint doubles in size each time I look and the Creeping Jenny is spilling over the rock flowing towards the walk way.It gives me hope that soon we will be sitting on the front porch ,coffee in one hand and a good book in the other,the sun warming us through.
The last few weeks here at Hrafinstaad have been life changing for us.A new sense of purpose and rightness flows around us.How to sum it up is difficult.It is a feeling of being in the right place.It just happened,it has been a long time coming, a journey that was filled with many mountains to climb.And like coming home from a long trip it is good to be home.The time away was not so bad but the coming home feeling is better than we could have imagined.
Our days are full now.Chance works away from home and is home early enough that we are able to still put in almost another full day of work around home. Before Chance is home I have done the million house chores,baked the daily bread,Home Schooled Sol and finished with my indoor work.Then it is out the door we go.
We don't have gardening to do every day but we can not seem to be able to stay away from the garden.The garden is another haven of green,so verdiant that I get hungry for the fresh veggies we are waiting for.
While we are waiting for the next round of plantings we have been working on cleaning up and moving things around.Chance used to work as a Stone Mason,I never really noticed how many stones he had stashed away all over the place.His pile of rock has given us a nice boarder for our path.
On the days we have no outdoor work to do we are still busy.Our sons eat,sleep and dream Bikes.I can not complain,it is in their blood,Chance and I have biked all of their lives. So we spend whole afternoons working on the latest bike project. Issac has taken on Lawn Mowing jobs and is using the bike trailer to load his equipment.This means we need to revamp the trailer if not build a whole nother one.
We always have time for some art, craft or cooking ideas. All three of these fulfill us in many ways.We are all creative minds and it feeds the need to make or do.We are also very independently minded. By doing for ourselves we step forward on our journey.
Finally, books. There are books in every room of our house.I personally admit to having an addiction to reading.At least twice a year we sort and resale our books so they don't become like the fabled pot that flows and flows all over. Today I have added a list of what we are reading to the blog. I hope you find them helpful on your own journey and keep the wheels of knowledge flowing like that little pot.

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