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Sunday, April 5, 2009

For Sale

Well everyone in my last post I mentioned family friends who grow tomato and pepper plants for sale. I have a list from Eve and Bryan to share with all of you I will also list their phone number at the bottom of this in case anyone would like to order anything.They live in St Johns, which is a neighborhood in the Portland area for all of you out of towners, local folks this gives you a chance to support local people.Please understand that all of their plants are first come first served since they are small growers.The plants come in 4 inch pots and are priced at the amazing price of $1.50 each.That is a great price for plants raised organically (not certified). In the coming weeks Eve will be sending me a list of their Dahlia tubers,which I will post.
So here we go,,,,

Valiant: Globe Shaped red.A canning variety from the 1930's 78-77 days *Indeterminate.

Goliath: Large 1 to 2 Lb's fruit dark pink color. Beefsteak type .Heirloom from the 1800" 85 days. *Indeterminate.

Paul Robeson: Large dusky red sometimes turning a purple-black.Good flavoer of Russian origin.NAmed in honor of the Opera Singer.77-88 days.

Pineapple: Heirloom variety large irregular yellow fruit with occasional red streaks radiating from the interior.Rich sweet flavor with lots of eye appeal. 85 days. *Indeterminate.

Gaolden Jubilee: Yellow-Orange-Gold 8oz fruits mild flavor.Hardy well producing plants.*Indeterminate.

Rutger: Red med sized 6-8 oz, toomato with a history.First developed by Campbell Soup Company in 1928.Later in 1943 it was refined by Rutgers University.A good canning tomato.75-88 days **Determinate

Large Red Cherry: Abundant clusters ,prolific, and vigorous with 1 1/4" fruits
75 days.* Indeterminate

Waldeck: A gift from Heritage Seed Libary -UK red med sized fruit.

Auntie Madge: A gift from Heritage Seed Libary.Plumb sized fruit good flavor.

** Determinate: Plants have vines that make little or no growth once fruits have set.Harvesting time is short as all fruits develop about the same time.Good crops for canning.

* Indeterminate: Vines produce new shoots and bloosoms even after fruits set.Harvest is extended all season.


Franks: Productive small compact bush. Elongated red bell shape with sweet flavor.56 days

Ariane: Large yellow-orange sweet thick fleshed bell shape fruit.80-90 days.

Sweet Banana: Elongated yellow fruits.A good variety for short season.80-85 days.

Jimmy Nardello's : A sweet red 8-10 inch frying pepper.Brought to the US in 1887.Plants grow to 24" and are very productive.80-85 days.

King of the North: A red bell pepper that does well in cooll short season climates.A good sweet flavor.70 days.

Hungarian Hot Wax: Spicey yellow 5 inch conical shaped.Reliable in cooler climates.70 days

Early Jalapeno: Compact plants that produce small green fruits in abundance.70 days.

Pengs Long Hot: Hot but extremely flavorful red fruits.Seeds from Vietnam.Two foot tall plants have dark green fuzzy leaves. 85-90 days.

(Whew, I have not typed up something while reading it in awhile I am amazed I still remembered how.)

We have grown the Pineapple and the Paul Robeson in the past and have liked them.This year I think I will also get some of the Rutgers since I want to do some major canning this summer. Chance also loves the Peng's peppers so those are a must for us. I have not picked what other peppers yet. When I called Eve to ask for a list of plants and for permission to post it here we had a great conversation about seeds,Eve really knows a lot about so much when it comes to saving your own seed and growing food.She did tell me that all of the seed from their plants are easy to save.This is good since Chance is wanting to try his hand at this.
We are in a holding patteren here.The last frost day has came and went but it still seemed to cold so we have held off on planting somethings.I am glad we did,we got up yesterday to a thick layer of frost here.The day ended up being glorious,clear blue skys and 70! Holy Moly man I felt like a lizard soaking it up.Today is looking like a repeat.
The various greens are coming along.The Chard and Spinach are up finally and Peas are showing the first leaf fully. The onions are looking happy.Chance is trying something he talked with a friend about.He took the bottom ends (about 1 inch long) of some Green Onions from our friends garden and planted them.And Voila, they have started to grow.He is also trying the same thing with the bottoms of some Nappa Cabbage we had.We figure anytime we can grow from left overs it is a huge bonus.
Before I close here is Eve and Bryan's phone number, they do have an answering machine and are very good about returning calls. I am certain if you have any questions about their plants or growing in general they would happily talk your ear off.
Eve and Bryan (503) 248-6375


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  1. Hello,

    I live in St. Johns and am extremely interested in buying from your friends but just tried the number you posted and it stated that the number has been disconnected. Is there another way to contact them? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks :)