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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bees in the Garden

I have been looking into ways to encourage Bees to nest in our yard.The benefits to the garden and the survival of wild Bees are my motivation with this project.
What really got me going on this is a Home School Project through the University of San Fransisco.Our younger son Sol and I will plant some Sunflower seeds that the university is sending and then one weekend day twice a month for 20 minutes we will be counting our Bee visitors.The information said if there were no Bee's they were urgently in need of that info. The university is tracking Bee counts as part of their research to find ways to save the wild Bees.This project is not limited to Home Schoolers.If you are interested go here, for more information.
While reading up on which plants attract Bees today I found this Bee Garden article.There are some simple and very low to no cost ways to build some Bee nesting sites. Also listed are some plants that the Bees love. Many of them are very common and on my list of to be planted.Asters, Zinna's,Cosmos, Foxgloves and Roses plus a few more .
Since we have all of these random tree branches laying about still,I am hoping Chance has a 5/16th of an inch drill bit, so I can make some nest branches for our garden.
I will keep everyone posted on how this turns out.

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