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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Getting my Chicks in a row

I checked in with Robert at Urban Farm today regarding the meat chicks and the butchering class. Here is the news.
I have posted a link about the breed of chicks we will be getting tomorrow.They are simply called Colored Range Chickens.No wonder their name kept leaving my head not much of a name.Pretty birds from France; oh those French and their love of good looks! What really sold us on these birds is they are not common and not used at all by large commercial farms.They do take a bit more care and time to get to butchering size.That is ok with us.More important to us is the flavor of the bird and knowing how it was raised. It will be the second week of July before they become first examples in our classroom and second dinner in the freezer.
Some may find it a bit grim that we are willing teaching a butchering class.If you are among those I offer no excuses and maybe you should come back another day when the topic is a sunny tale of gardening in the Pacific Northwest.
The class will be held at Urban Farm Store in SE Portland Sunday July 12th at 5-6:30PM. We are encouraging people to bring their own bird if they have one.If not ours will be there so no one is left out of the hands on part of the class. Students will learn the whole process which is messie so wear your grubbies. The whole process means, chopping the heads off.And no you don't let them run around this makes for tough meat and a bigger bloodier mess.Plucking and finally the part that took me some time to be able to do removing the guts.It only took me time because of the texture.I can now tell myself "It is only guts,it is ok."At this point in my life the mess of child birth has gotten me past most of my adversion of all things slipperey. Robert at Urban Farm is deceiding the price of the class it should be some where between $5 and $20.He had already posted the class to his website calendar so be sure to check it out too.The link is listed above in the right hand corner.
The chicks arrive tomorrow so today we will get the tub ready for them.I like to make sure the tub is nice and clean for the new chicks so I will be scrubbing out the wash tub AKA the chick tub.
Now I must return to the dull jobs around here mainly house work. I played hookie with Sol and went on a Photography/Home School feild trip this morning.We had a great time but now the whip is cracking..Get back to work!

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