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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lay some eggs,Dammit!

 This time of year our hens rarely lay any eggs,a point of frustration for us.We have tried changing to a better quality feed,running a light out to the coop and made sure they are let loose in the yard to forage.Nothing has worked yet.Then I get annoyed,I am feeding you chickens and the deal is I buy feed,you lay eggs.

Chance was talking at the curb with one of our favorite neighbors who is a nifty guy who has spent most of his life on a ranch in North Dakota.He still goes back a few times a year to make sure things are running fine.But anyway,the neighbor asked if we were getting any eggs,nope.The neighbor suggested feeding the hens some suet,that it is a sure fire way to get them laying again.The suet will give them some extra fat which they will convert into eggs.

Mmmm,a tub of suet.

Last night while we were at the local natural foods store Chance spied a tub of suet crumbles in the meat departments freezer section.We picked up the tub in the photo above for $.88,big spenders aren't we?
The tub is the same size as a large yogurt tub.

Today is day one of trying yet another experiment to get the hens to lay during the cold months.Our neighbor has given us other very helpful tips in the past so I am hoping this stays true with this one.I did do a bit of reading online and the general consensus was some suet is fine but to be careful of the chickens putting on too much weight.I am going to start by just giving them a handful at a time and see how it goes.


******The hens loved the suet! Now we wait.*********


  1. Replies
    1. yes CAS eggs! Some brown ones.6 at a time.Fresh zero mile eggs.

  2. ack...I bought eggs today...BOUGHT them...

    1. I hear ya Sista',I hear ya.I had a checker at New Seasons say to me "Don't you have chickens?" as she rang up the carton eggs.

      Not good.