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Monday, December 10, 2012

Empty Nest & Full Nest or Life is good.

Just a quick note-

We moved my Mom over the weekend.Did you hear a collective sigh from our house? Mom is happy and we are too.

Yesterday Chance found 3 eggs in the coop,the suet must be helping.Hopefully the eggs are an omen for us,one of good fortune and good things to come.

We are busy setting our house back in order so we can start thinking of the holiday and all of its cheerfulness.

On my holiday baking list is a batch of these peppermint bars,I do love bar cookies so easy to make.

It would be grand if I found the time to make a pom pom garland for the house.Small detail there,time.But I may make one just because and hang it someplace in the house anyway.

Have you ever been on Hunter Angler Gardener Cook? I like the website better than the book.

Holiday Cheer!

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