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Sunday, December 23, 2012

P.S Holiday thoughts 2012

After I posted my last blog post I went into the kitchen to frost our sugar cookies and I was reminded of another thing I am grateful for today.
 I am was happy to have our old dog Thora standing in the kitchen shamelessly begging once again for a sugar cookie.The one and only thing she will beg for until you give in.Maybe Thora had her last walk in the woods with us this fall but she is still here to enjoy her favorite treat.
How could you say no to this face?

A younger Sol.

Also while looking for the photo of  Thora I came across this one of Sol,a younger fellow then.We were visiting a music shop and he tried out the guitar in the photo with glee.It is the same one he got for Christmas this year.


  1. Love to the venerable Thora, and wow that is one shiney guitar that is now part of Sol's life... looking forward to hearing him play it!

  2. Oh Thora girl, I'm so happy she is with her family for Christmas. Happy holidays to your clan, enjoy your lovely home and family. xoxo

    1. She was so very funny today,even though she was in trouble for taking herself on a walk this morning I could not say no to her wanting her Christmas cookie.
      She's a good dog and we love her tons.

      Happy Holiday's to you and yours.Kiss your little ones for me!

  3. Thora has high standards. Scout will beg for anything if given half a chance. I still have to do your fundraiser thing! I will! I promise!