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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Strawberries and planning for the future.

  This evening I went out and picked our second round of strawberries.That's our big colander over flowing with yummy goodness. I am starting to think we won't need to go to the fields to pick berries for jam,we have plenty more berries coming in the next few days.If I stick these in the freezer and add what is still ripening I should have enough.
  Although tomorrow I could make up a batch of this Strawberry Rhubarb Jam. We still have plenty of Rhubarb growing and it is a flavor combo we like.

 Chance and I have been talking about what we want to do about the pig weed in the back yard and the back yard in general.After some thinking and hanging out in the back yard we have decided on a couple of things.
  The first being we are thinking about borrowing our friends two young geese to eat the pig weed for us,which I am predicting will be comical to say the least. We will have to figure out their housing and wither or not they have to have a pool of water for the short time they will be with us.If housing can be easily done we will most likely go for it.
 As for the rest of the back yard we may stick with a big clean up so we have a blank slate to work from over the summer into fall.We just don't want to rush in and end up with things looking willy nilly or become more than we want to have to fuss over.We are hoping we end up with the back yard being about relaxing and for entertaining.We already have a nice fire pit area we enjoy often,now we want the rest of the yard to go with that space.

Yesterday I stared some Biga, a type of bread starter that is used in rustic bread recipes. I used to use this recipe all of the time but fell off of it when I got my stand mixer because the dough does not work well with the mixer.But I am craving some crusty chewy bread that I can only get with some good kneading by hand.Tomorrow I plan on baking the bread and will be sure to post about it.This bread takes much longer to rise so if I decide to make jam I can easily fit them both in.Oh my....think of it...fresh baked rustic bread slathered with still warm strawberry rhubarb jam..Looks like I am going to be a busy girl tomorrow.




  1. Your strawberries shame mine, which were never bigger than my fingernail.

  2. Margaret- But the little tiny ones are the super sweet ones.

  3. Last year I figured out if I grasp the stem of the strawberry with one hand and the berry with the other and gently pry them apart, the fully ripe berries will come off the stem. This way, your berries will be already stemmed when you go to process them. Saves so much time!

  4. I heard about some people who rented goats to clear out their yard. Wonder if that would work! Missing you.

  5. Vegetable garden Cook- Growing up I picked strawberries many summers in a row to pay for my school clothes,I know all the tricks out there for picking.By leaving the stems on when you pick you are able to leave the berries in the fridge for a day or two,giving you some wiggle room until you are ready to mess around with them.

    CA- Goats eat everything in site including my raspberries and other things we want to keep.
    I miss you too.