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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ginger Ale,thumbs up or down?

 The votes are in regarding the Ginger Ale, 2 yes and 1 no. Issac did not vote because he does not like it in the first place.

  Chance and I liked it.
  Chance said it was refreshing and tasty.But would be even better with Vodka or Gin
  I liked it too even though I am not a huge Ginger Ale fan.It had a nice lemony under tone to it,leading me to   wonder about using lime next time.Actually in hind-site, I think I like this type of Ginger Ale verse the store stuff.
  We both realized that today there was more fizz to it as well.
  Sol,did not like it.To him it was overly ginger-y. Which is totally tinker-able,we used the maximum amount of 2 tablespoons,so next time we can try reducing the ginger by a bit and see if it suits him better.

 Our next recipe will be the Ginger Syrup route.We will let you know how it goes.



  1. Hey rois, I make ginger ale regularly on my homebrew kegging system, so no yeast and it gets carbonation from CO2 from my tank.

    My recipe for 5-gallons is 2-3 pounds of fresh ginger and 2-3 pounds of sugar. Food processor the ginger, whole, simmer with sugar and water, enough to cover and dissolve the sugar for an hour or so. Strain through mesh or cheese cloth, then add 5 gallons water.

    We frequently add other stuff to it like lemon, mint, tamarind, whatever we feel like.

  2. So are you growing ginger? Is this what inspired you?

  3. Margaret, No we don't grow ginger here.Ginger likes a cool damp and shady spot to grow and since we don't really have a spot like that the ginger is from the store.Although I would not mind trying to grow some of the wild ginger we have growing in our woods.

    The inspiration came from Sol who would like to make our own sodas here.He loves Ginger Ale so we started with it.