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Friday, June 10, 2011

Ginger Ale

This morning Sol and I made Ginger Ale from this recipe I found the other day. We used the first recipe and at some point we would like to try the other.

  Sol has been asking to try and make some home brew sodas and since he likes Ginger Ale so much we started with it.I also chose this recipe because we had everything we needed already on hand, a plastic bottle,fresh ginger,sugar,yeast,lemon juice and water.

I'm ready,lets try this out!
   We did not have the funnel the blogger suggested for pouring everything into the bottle so we used my 4 quart Pyrex measuring bowl.The pour spout on it helped but a funnel might have been easier.As I poured the ginger water mix into the bottle I had Sol stir the grated ginger to keep it mixed and flowing,it worked just fine to do it that way.

Shake it up baby,shake it up now.
  Once we had the bottle filled and Sol gave it a good shaking we left it to brew on the kitchen counter.We wait for 2 days and then put it in the fridge over night.The final step before drinking it is to strain the ginger out of the now Ginger Ale.

This is the bottle already to set.You can see the bits of grated ginger floating around.About an hour after this photo the ginger had all floated to the top.I read else where that when making your own brew of Ginger Ale to be very,very careful when you go to open it the first time,no one wants an explosion of sticky soda flying all over the place.

And do you see behind the bottle to the right? That's the awesome toaster cover I thrifted not to long ago. As much as I love Chickens I am not a Chicken decor kind of girl.I am also not overly fond of having my counter cluttered by stuff.But when I found the cover it cracked me up and will live with the toaster on the counter only because the cover makes me smile a bit.



  1. Jeff used to make this Ginger Ale all the time and he really enjoyed it. I'm sure you will too.

  2. Can't wait to hear how it turned out. And I adore the toaster cover. I never would have bought it myself...but know I kind of what one, tool

  3. C A I didn't know I wanted one until I saw mine.It's really cheese-ie when you see it.It's painted on and badly to boot but that's part of the charm I suppose.

  4. I used the recipe from here: http://biology.clc.uc.edu/fankhauser/cheese/Ginger_Ale_Ag0.htm
    which seems pretty similar. Yes, you do want to be careful when you first open it. I have had some pretty spectacular explosions.

    Sometime I'd like to try the other recipe using club soda as the base.

  5. Jake,thanks for the warning.Once upon a time Chance blew up our espresso machine,we had coffee grounds all over our kitchen,even inside of the cupboards which is part of the reason I heed these kinds of warnings.

    I am planning on making the ginger syrup in the club soda as a comparison,I will blog about that too. If you make it let us know what you thought.