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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sourdough Starter fed with Spelt flour

I have been wanting a Sourdough starter for sometime now.It seemed like every time I made one it failed.I tried all the little tricks I could find just to end up with a molding mess. I finally got it right this time but I kind of cheated.
Chance and I had talked with the bakers at our local whole foods store about sours and they said keep trying. I even asked them if it could be done using spelt flour,they said it could not be done. I guess being regular faces at our store finally paid off, the bakers said all we had to do was ask for a bit of their starter and they'd give some to us no charge.So last week Chance asked for a bit of the bakery's starter, we brought home this nugget of sour-ness and gave it a try.
I have been really wanting to try this out using spelt flour.I have spent a great deal of time reading up on different diets geared to help people with Crohn's disease and found these points.Lower or eliminate gluten and if you are going to eat bread Sourdhough is the best choice.The reasoning behind this is Crohn's patients tend to be at least gluten sensitive and anything sour you eat turns to alkaline once digested.An alkaline diet balances things in your gut so it helps.
I have reduced our wheat intake here at home.Both Issac and I have noticed a difference for the better.It takes some getting used to since I find there are times when I am wondering what to eat.People don't realize how grain dependent our diets are until you cut one out.
My sourdough starter is still alive and happy one week later.I have been feeding it every three days using whole spelt flour.It dose work after all, now I'll have to inform the bakers at the store.Although the original starter was started using wheat I am hoping after time the yeasts in the sour will have eaten up the wheat parts and I'll have a spelt base.I am not to sure about the science of it but since I am just wanting to lower the gluten not eliminate it I am happy so far.
Chance did some reading up on sourdough starters for me.I was wondering about the layer of liquid that had formed on the top of the sour.I was hoping that I had not killed it yet again.The liquid on top is actually an alcohol,yup booze created by the yeast doing it's job.Chance read on one website that miners used to drink this stuff.GAG! They must have been hard up to drink it.Hey, let's all belly up to the bar and order Sour Hooch shots.Thanks but no thanks I'd rather stay sober if that's the offering.
So far I have had time to make one loaf of bread and a small batch of Bagels.Both were good but the recipes will have to be doubled to feed my hungry crowd. I used whole spelt flour for the bagels and the boys were happy with them.The bread I made with half wheat and half whole spelt was good too, just not enough in quantity. I am still tinkering with recipes and the grains I use.Hopefully soon I'll find the right combination that makes the whole family happy.
We had a hard frost here this morning. My Dahlia's are still blooming which is not uncommon in this area when we have a mild fall.The frost has turned them tho' and soon it will be time to dig them up.Normally I leave my tubers in place for a couple of years but this year I have trade offers so digging is in order.
One of the trades is not really a trade.Chance and I went to a permaculture class last weekend about root crops.One of the roots covered were Dahlia's, I guess they are edible, this was not the first time I had heard this. Our teacher showed us his(he and his partner have not tried eating theirs yet.) and expressed his desire for more and of a different variety, I offered some of ours,I am digging them any way so might as well share them. Norris and his partner Tulsi offer classes at their house for free.Both of them have so much to teach and do it so freely and willing I wanted to also say thank you to them in a way that made sense in a permaculture way.
Today the family and I help Urban Farm Store finish moving to their new store front.If you live in Portland stop by soon and check out their new place. It's not far from their old store,just around the corner on 21st and SE Belmont.The new store is larger so they will be able to offer more to the community.

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