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Monday, November 2, 2009

Saving seeds.

My friend CAS over here, left me a note on my last blog asking about saving pumpkin seeds for next year.I am sure many of you have some sitting around right now and may be wondering the same thing,how do I save these for next year?
Here is how I do it and it can work for other vegetables as well**. Once I have scooped the seeds out of what ever veg I am saving seed from I wash the seeds to clear them of any goo that may be attached to them.I think this also helps to prevent molding. Now I lay the seeds out on either a linen type towel or if you use them you could use a paper towel.Pat the seeds dry.I then lay the seeds out in a single layer on a plate.Set the plate some place warmish,like the kitchen counter.I try and find a spot where they won't be in the way to often.Now you just wait for them to dry out.Now and again you can turn them over just to help both sides dry out quicker. Once the seeds are dry and looking like the seeds that come in a packet it's time to store them away.
What to store the seeds in is part choice.I store mine wrapped in a bit of paper with the name of the seed written on it.Some people store them in small jars or film canisters. These two are best since it means no critters can eat your seeds as midnight snack. My paper wrapping is safe for me since I know there are no snackers lurking behind my fridge. I have read that some people use those little packets that come in packaging,the ones that absorb moisture.Their name has slipped out of my brain but hopefully you know what I am talking about.(these little packets also say DO NOT EAT which is why I don't use them.)
For the long term there's a couple of other things. First put your carefully saved seeds someplace you will remember.I keep all of my seeds in an old cookie jar. (Cookies always disappear before I can put them in a cookie jar.) Next be sure the seeds are kept in a cool dark place,this keeps them from breaking down.

** When saving seeds from Green/String Beans I leave some beans on the vine to dry out on the vine.Once the pod is dry I shell the beans out and save them.Beans are to me the easiest to save.
With other smaller seeded veggies there is a different method that takes seeds,water,a jar and letting it all mold.I have yet to do this.There are lots of information out on the web on this.

CAS, I hope this is helpful and good luck.

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  1. The word you're looking for is silica gel. It's found in the little "do not eat" packets, and you can buy bags at the craft store in the flower section- works great for seed saving!