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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dark Days of Winter Challenge

Look what I am trying out, 3rd annual Dark Days of Winter Challenge S.O.L.E , A challenge to cook one meal a week using Sustainable,Organic,Local and Ethical foods and then write a blog posting about it. I can pick foods from within a 150 mile radius of home.I don't have to give up coffee,chocolate,oils or spices to make my meal. Notice my order of importance there. The blog posting will also share our findings,what we ended up using that's not on our list and just our thoughts.
This challenge got Chance and I talking and thinking.We have thought about the miles our foods travel and the impact those miles have but other than buying bits and pieces,growing/raising our own and supporting local farms when we can,we have not done much I suppose.
Today we got out a map of Oregon and drew a 150 mile circle around Beaverton.Wow,there's lots of food grown in that circle.I know we can find lots of dairy,meat,veggies,fruit,nuts and breweries for most of the year. But with winter coming in the veggies are going to run low on options.That's fine we are up to the challenge.
I know we are only doing one meal a week for this challenge but already I am thinking about foods and things we cook with that are not made within that 150 miles. Cooking oil,sugar, rice,baking things like baking powder hmmm how deep can I go with this?
The challenge dose say I can make my own list of what I am going to use that comes from farther away.Here's the things I have thought of so far,baking items such as baking powder/soda, vanilla ect.Those are the few things that might stump me.I may not end up baking anything for those meals but just in case they are on my own list.
One food group I am most interested in find out more about are grains.I know grains are grown here in Oregon but what kinds and are they grown outside of my 150 mile radius? I am definitely taking some time to find my answer.
Well we have some food for thought,literally, to work on for the winter months.It will be interesting to see what we learn about our food and ourselves as consumers.Stay tuned I will be cooking our first S.O.L.E meal this weekend.


  1. That's awesome. I'm looking forward to your posts on the Winter Challenge. I've been giving a lot of thought to how far our food travels - I wonder if the milk I buy at the Farmer's Market qualifies? I'll have to get out the map and see.

    Good luck this weekend with the Challenge - anticipating good results.

  2. Here in Oregon we have LOTS of dairy farms.Even if I don't buy the organic it's at least local no RSBT milk.You can even walk up to pat a cow right along the roads here.

  3. I am so excited to watch your progress with this. You have something really unique going on with your blog.