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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Look what I found in the coop!

No kidding we really did! An Emu Egg of all things. Some adoring fan of ours tip toed their way into the back yard and left us a BIG surprise. We check the coop at least twice a day,it was not there last night when I locked the girls snugly in.
My family loves a good joke but none of them will own up to it.My brother says he wishes he had been the one since it's such a great gag.I sent Issac a text message this morning and he had no clue either,he's going to ask the neighborhood kids today at school.
A mystery it is for now and we love it! A funny joke and a treasure to keep.

Update! Our young Solomon did it! I told you my family LOVES a good prank! I guess awhile back Sol was with my Mother at Goodwill and Sol spied the Emu egg and bought it.My Mother gave him the idea of hiding it in the coop,it just took Sol sometime to work it out.I guess bringing in the garbage and recycling cans from the curb last night was his cover. I have I ever told you all how much I adore life with boys?


  1. Are all the hens giggling in the coop? I can just imagine the Far SIde cartoon...Hens online on their laptops, ordering it off Ebay...

  2. Oh LAdy that's a hoot! No the mystery is solved....Sol did it!