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Friday, February 13, 2015

It's been a while since I have been here hasn't it? Well, you know has been that post holidays quiet around here.That waiting time of year.That time of year when it's nice to just winter into the house,not that it has been overly cold or snowy,just winter. But to just be home being homey,no place to really go,just doing ordinary things.

 Then February comes, so do the seed catalogs and those false spring days. Suddenly you are awake from the nap that is January with the urge to dig in the soil,to be outdoors and the itchy need to be moving has you pacing the floor.

But remember I used those words "false spring". It's too soon for many tasks. Too soon for seedlings to be shipped,too soon for chicks and too soon to put even the seeds that like it cool into the soil.

So what is one to do? I try my best to sit on my hands,perfect my seed list streamlining it down to a manageable amount. I am going to say having triple the garden space with room to push out for more is making the sliming down of my seed list really,really hard. Especially since there  are folks in town who will buy my surplus,a farmers market I could sell at and we could have a very full pantry next winter. Ahem,Rois remember to be realistic here,one acre of garden doesn't mean you have to use all of it this year.

And I am chick dreaming. That list was quick and easy-ish,I know I want all heavies that can take the cold and will lay farther into winter. I also know that by having them shipped to us we will very likely lose a few in transit and within a few weeks of having them.This time I can order more than I really want and it will come out about right in the end.

There is also our yearly Outdoor Tasks List to make. Chance and I like to make a list of outdoor projects we would like to get done some time between Spring and late Fall. Each project also lists what materials we may still need to get if any. We then make a very flexible timeline to get them done within.We have it flexible so we can see how much time or funds we have that week and if need be shuffle projects around.Sometimes we do have things that are more rigid,like we will need the new coop built before the chicks are ready to live in it. Over the growing season a majority of it gets done,some things we think better of  or realize it was a big folly.

All of this business like things feed our enthusiasm for the garden and holds us over until we can really get busy outdoors. I always feel like I am still on task but not risking losing anything I may have foolishly planted. I need to be really mindful of this here,this climate is going to be a big learning curve and only fools rush in.

This year with us having moved we are starting all over.A task that feels a little huge at moments.Not only are we going to have to build our garden but we have to learn how to go about things here.Deer,frost,rabbits,heat,dryness all of which can all happen within a few hours of each other.

Ok I am going to side track here for just a moment.I am going to add coyote to that list above.Today I went to leave the house and right out my backdoor near my car was a large male coyote. I am assuming it was a male,kind of large and I wasn't about to say "Excuse Coyote,could you lift your leg or tail so I can see if you are a boy or a girl." I had to chuck a chunk of firewood at him to get him slowly moving.I was on my way out to go to town, before I left I checked on the hens.They were all roosting in the coop as high up as they could get and silent which leads me to believe the coyote was over by the chicken yard too. Now I , the not anti gun just don't want to personally know anything about them soul that I am is now thinking,maybe just maybe I should at least learn how to shoot the pellet gun. Sigh,at least I am too old to be drafted so don't have to worry about learning to shoot keeping me out of that kind of mess. But I am not sure I want to go that route.I think a slingshot and a bucket of rocks would be more my style.

So we are organizing ourselves here making lists,plans and maps of the land.Soon I will have plenty to write about that will most likely give me the feeling of deja vu since the beginnings of Hrafinstaad  is how I came to be here blogging away.Now we are starting again,I am looking forward to seeing what becomes and how they compare to before.

One last thing before I go,a sad thing. Our old faithful forever by our sides dog Thora Gooddog passed away a few weeks ago. We had the feeling she was getting ready to leave us,she was pushing on 18 afterall and slowing in every way. Chance and I woke up one morning to find her coma like and her breathing slowing down.It was way to early to call the vet and an hour later she was gone.It was like she waited for us to get up so we could all say see ya later.We buried her on the backside of the property under some trees.Originally she was from this side of the mountains,so glad we could bring her home when her day to go came. She had a great dog life and we were lucky she found us.

Must be going but it's the time of year where lots of news is about to happen so I won't be long.


P.S Well it's one of those days.Went out to check on the hens a while ago only to spook off a hawk from the body of my favorite hen.Jerk.

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  1. Thank you for the update, Rois! Love hearing how things out in the wild are going.