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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Damn you to hell Blogger!

Dang nabit! Blogger won't let me leave replies to my own blog, how ridiculous can things get?

So Alison here is my reply,
 Intend to be directionally dyslexic so videos that are kind of tricky topics ,origami,knitting and possibly weaving of any sort don't work well with my brain. But I may just have to ask a local friend who knits to teach me.
And because I am somberly inspired by your Fox Paws and my girly side is feeling insulted by always being bundled up when out and about I have a plan to make a scarf/wrap for myself. Thinking faux fur for the inner layer and embellished wool for the outer. Form and function is always a must with me and hopefully it will be a balm on my wounded fashion sense. ( or should that be nonsense?)

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  1. It isn't nonsense at all! We humans have been making choices about what to wear and how to decorate it for about as long as we have been humans. I had a friend when I lived in upstate New York in the snow belt, who made herself a "little Red Riding Hood hat and capelet, with bright red wool on the outside and fuzzy sheepskin on the inside. ... I can envision you making a lovely warm wrap, with embellished and embroidered wool on the outside in a very Rois style, with a warm fuzzy inside to keep you cozy.