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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What has been happening here you ask? Lots of learning and some merriment that's what.

Our snow storm ended up covering us with 3 feet of snow and a few mornings of  -20 f. Lots of learning happened that week.

Lessons learned:

-20 f  is a very rude temperature to wake up to. There is no way around it, the house is going to be cold. I did a search for cold weather tips, best one I found - fold your morning layers and socks and place them under the covers at the foot of your bed. Preheated layers make it a tiny bit easier to come out from under the blankets.

When you have to park down the road because you can't get your truck back to the house a sled is very handy. Especially when you go to the store to stock up and fill the back of the truck with food.

Last lesson learned, do your winter prep chores before there is even a slight chance it may turn cold. Chance had not finished insulating our water pipes so our bathroom pipes froze. And we also hadn't turned off the irrigation pipe to the garden. It froze and triggered the pump to shut off so for a short while there was no water to the house.That one was a quick fix thankfully.

By the week of Thanksgiving most of the snow was gone and the roads cleared. Which was a good thing because Issac came home bringing 3 friends with him. Our little house was full of so much happiness.

A pile of young peoples shoes by the door makes this Mama happy.

This past Friday and Saturday were merry in town with lots going on to kick off the holidays. We popped into the shop where I work to hear our friend Becky play Hawaiian harp music, all of the shops stayed open late and everyone had plates of cookies and warm drinks. Also some shops are doing a Gingerbread House contest to raise money for Habitat for Humanity so those were fun to see.

Saturday was my handsome man's birthday. Mr Chance requested chocolate pie and a small gathering of friends.

We are back to a thin layer of snow with a slick of ice underneath so I am home today being cozy. I have a few things I am working on for house and myself so I may spend part of my day online looking for inspiration.
Living here really makes me regret not taking my friend Alison up on knitting lessons. A warm cozy project that leads to more warm coziness sounds perfect. And Alison is currently working on this fabulous "Fox"Fox paws"shawl that I am overly envious of ,a thing that really is making me regretful.

I am still scouring the internet for ideas for the house and living in a smaller space. Some how my idea of small space and the internets don't always match up. 1200 sqft is not my idea of small. But I am gleaning ideas. I think my favorite place for inspiration right now is here,is here,. Mostly out of my budget but I am crafty, thrifty and patient when it comes to getting what I want.

Since I am looking for a project to fill my time with I am curious what all of you are up to.Maybe it will inspire me.I need a something to take with me to work,it's the slow season  so a portable project must happen soon.

Oh one last thing that happened that was full of goodness.Sol brought home the chair he had been building at school. He put a lot of work into and did a beautiful job. I am looking forward to lounging in it once the weather is warmer again..

Finally, has anyone else bought this book? I did just as we moved here,it's my current favorite.Next post I am going to write a review and share a recipe from it.

Although the day is my own to do as I please I do have things to do on my list so I shall close now.It's "chicken again" for dinner , I am hoping to dream or dig up a different way of making chicken for dinner yet again.

Best regards Rois

P.S, Is anyone getting sound on the video? If not here is a link http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/rebeccahilarysmith


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  1. what a splendid chair Sol made, color me impressed! Sounds like a good holiday, and glad that you are finding ways to keep warm. The offer to teach you to knit is always open. Another option for learning is that there are a lot of videos online, many that are free. Not the same thing as hands on help though