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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Introducing our new family member.

This is Winston Silvershanks,aka Win. He joined our family a few days ago. He's an eleven month old German Shepard, his colors are called Silver and Black. He adopted him from a local shelter. We have really lucked out with this young fellow, his former owner had already put lots of work into him, he's fully house trained, great manners and smart as a whip. He is even very good with Little Sparrow and looks to her for direction when he not sure about what to do next. The people at the shelter told us Search and Rescue had considered him for training but he turned away because he is too centered on people, he's smart but too loving. That's ok with us, we want exactly that in a dog.
We had been talking about getting a young dog before Thora passed away to bring some energy into the house. So far we are totally head over heels in love with him.
Yesterday we took him up into the woods to see how he did off leash and see what kind of adventure dog he might be. His off leash manners are good, he stayed fairly close to us. When we came to some spots where we had things to climb over he watched us and then watched Sparrow then followed right along.It didn't take long for him to catch on to scrambling and to our whistle commands.
The photo above is of him after our hike, three miles of running a trail made for a sleepy pup once home.

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  1. He's stunning. What a find !~! Hope he does as well the rest of the time as he has done so far. Congratulations on a new member of the pack.