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Friday, May 25, 2012

Yeah! The camera is working.

Finally got the camera to work again,so happy about that! Here's a few photos from around home.

Clusters of soon to be Red Currents.

The first of the Italian Prunes.

One half of the living fence.

Hops taking over the porch-rail.

Newly built trellises for Cucumbers this year.

The Clematis that has grown high up into the Pear tree.

Our shy Goldfish in the rain barrel.

                                                                          I have yet to mention the fellow below,he's a new addition to this years projects.We have an ugly fence we share with the back neighbor that needs replacing next year.Chance decided that instead of looking at an ugly fence for the next few months,lets see one full of art.And so began his Wheat Paste Graffiti project.  See video below for more thoughts.
Wheat Paste art on the back fence,more coming soon.

Have a great weekend


  1. your yard is looking lovely, and the idea of covering the fence with ephemeral artwork is genius! What fun! I wish I had a big piece of paper so I could make some art for you to paste - I will keep my eyes open

  2. Alison, even a sheet of printer paper will work.Remember Chance's Valentine? Well, I am thinking of doing something like it by the clothes line.

  3. I loved looking at these photos. But now I need clarification. I thought prunes were just dried plums. Am I wrong?

    1. Ok Margaret here is the tongue twister like answer,there are plumbs, prune plumbs and prunes.

      Plumbs are the fruits that do best eaten fresh.

      Prune Plumbs are the fruits that are good fresh or dried.Also good for baking or cooking.

      Prunes are dried Prune Plumbs.

      The tree variety we planted is named Italian Prune.I grew up with one of these trees and I love them best.They are great fresh,dried or for a Plumb Cake.My Mom used to can them whole for winter,very good over a bowl of plain yogurt.

      Great question!