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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Celebrating Issac

Today our Issac turns 18 ! I can't believe we are already here.It's been making me a bit weepy even though he's not flying from the nest yet.

Here he is our handsome son,Issac.
  Issac is such an amazing young man,tender in heart,quick minded,brave beyond belief,forward thinking,full of life and laughter.It was all because of Issac I started my blog,dug a bigger garden and really started to think about what good food can do for a persons body. I thank him for not only being who he is but for helping us start this journey of homesteading.

See that smile on his face and the twinkle in his eyes? That sums up my son.In spite of going through medical hell at the age of 13 and continued medical problems all through High School he still smiles.He didn't make it to graduation but is going on to get his G.E.D and then on to college.Issac missed most of his Freshman year and struggled with medical ups and downs,he was behind 14 credits.He did his best to catch up but couldn't stay healthy and reach his goal. But he is still smiling and moving forward in the way that works best for him.Issac is just learning to roll with the punches Crohns disease hands out.Crohns has not stopped him yet,it may slow him down at times but he is still moving forward with that gorgeous smile on his face.

I know I have shared Issac's video before but cut a proud Mama some slack! Issac's bike and riding are his passion and stress release,you gotta love that,living with your passion not letting the hard knocks knock you down.

Thank you Issac for being such a wonderful gift to us.



  1. This is beautiful. You have every right to be proud. happy Birthday, Issac. I hope you realize what an amazing mother you have.

  2. Congratulations Mama, you and Chance have done a great job and when he does fly, he'll be ready!