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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some photos finally

Chance went out and took some photos.The first one is of Chicks in the "Big Coop".The Chicks now have names,Trixie,named for Speed Racers Girl, Lupin,Sally after some cartoon again and finally Elliot,yes Mom I know Elliot is a boys name but this is a new world we live in.The Hay Bales which are proving to be tricky to get shots of.I am sure once things are up they will look better. Chance added a stone boarder to the path in the back.In this photo you can even see our home built bike trailer,good for big shopping trips.Also at some point soon we will be building a folding clothes line to the right of the photo. And last of all the wood we stacked.At this point we have over a chord stacked. We still have more to add to it and once the Apple tree comes down we should have 3 chords for next winter.
Yesterday as we were working together Chance and I were joking about the story "The Ant and The Grasshopper" Here we were working hard already to prepare for next winter and it was only the second day of spring.
We have recently been told that what we are doing is "Urban Homesteading",sounds a bit trendy to me. I did some reading this morning about this Urban Homesteading and what did it mean.Well it dose look like that is what we are doing.From what I read there are lots of folks doing it and for as many reasons as there are people doing it.Everything from the Hippie end(Now don't get crazy on me here,my parents were long haired Hippies when I was growing up.I am not slamming anyone) to the gun slinging survival types.( Again calm down guns have their place and I often call Chance my gun totin tree hugger.)Chance and I did not set out to do this for any trendy reason.We are not jumping on some Green band wagon and standing on a soap box to shout to the world "Lookie here,see how green I am" This something we believe in and strongly ties into our Spiritual beliefs. It also comes around to our never ending quest to "Do it myself".
I grew up with parents who always had a large garden,chickens and rabbits.My mom baked our bread and we ate her good cooking at home. My Dad fixed things until they were dead.He even recycled before it was on anyone's radar. He recycled by reusing what ever could be reused.My parents also taught wild crafting and wilderness survival.By the time I was 5 I could name every wild plant I could see. I was raised to honor and care for the land.For me I am just following in my parents foot steps,keeping my family heritage going. I am proud to say that today our boys announced in the car, Issac-"I want land when I grow up, with a forest at the back for trails.I will grow and raise my own food" Sol- " I want to live in a tree house." Those two boys see and hear what is taught to them.When it is their turn to be grown men,I hope they remember their parents, "The Urban Homesteaders."
I close with this quote: " Perfect courage is to do without witness what one would be capable of doing with the world looking on" Francois deLa Rochefoucauld.

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  1. that last photo looks like a nice warm winter in the making