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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Folding Clothes line

am so excited Chance started to build a folding clothes line for me. Our friends from Germany have one kind of like it and I have always remembered how nice it was. With it being able to fold flat it is so very handy,when not in use it can be out of the way.
I could not remember the exact build of the one our friends have so Chance put his building skills to work. Hey Alison, I know we talked about triangles for support and you will see Chance did add some triangles. Chance is also Black Smithing some rods with hooked ends that will go from the fence to the leg of the clothes line to give it the tension it will need to work.
Hey I just mentioned one of Chance's coolest abilities,black smithing. Pretty niffty eh? I am sure this skill will come up again since we put it to use around the house and yard often.Last year for our holiday craft sale Chance made some nice things, hooks, candle sticks, some yard items and gate pulls. He has offered to smith something pretty for inside the triangles of the clothes line to give the legs form and function.Why have something plain when you have the mad skills to make things beautiful?
The first two photos are of the main garden gate from the front yard to the back. The first photo is of the Deer Antlers we have hanging above the gate. In the summer the gate is covered by our two mystery Grapes.My Dad gave us the starts and then promptly forgot what he gave us.Oh well we eat them anyway. We added some white Christmas lights that are the blanket type for shrubs.They look nice now and should look magical when the Grape fills out.
The garden is becoming my biggest passion right now.Every thing is starting to sprout.I can't wait to have fresh greens and lettuces to eat which should be in just a few weeks. I went out to feed the hens this morning and the peas were just showing and then POP this afternoon they were really showing their little heads.I spyed Lettuce and Bok Choy sprouts too.
My Mom stopped by to spend the day with us.We of course went out to the garden.My Mom loved the Hay Bales.Since she is older and a bit stiff she liked the fact that you did not have to bend down so low to do the work.This is a nice fact about the Hay Bale Gardens,older or disabled folks can still enjoy gardening. She also liked how the bales can be put anywhere even on pavement.
Mom next helped me pull some of the sprouted straw from the tops of the bales. I was just putting what I had pulled on to the path to compost when my Mom says to me "Don't waste those little bits, I'll feed them to the Chicks as a nice little snack." Thanks Mom for reminding me that nothing is a waste.Not that composting is a waste.
I have left our Potatoe seed to Chit in the kitchen window. Chit is a new word for me.I always knew you needed to let your potatoe seed sprout into nice big eyes but did not know there was a word for it. If the sun would come back I think this would go a bit faster. I am hoping to plant the potatoes at the end of the month.
We are still figuring out the front of the house. An arbor for more hops is happening in front of our big window for sure.Other than that we are still looking.We plan to spend some time sitting on our neighbors curb looking at the space soon. This is a trade off since they are re vamping their front yard and have been standing looking at it from our house. But what are neighbors for? Trading favors is always good.
I am pondering some thoughts regarding Urban Homestaeding and all that pulls into it,next blog I will have my thoughts in order and have more to share.
Until then keep moving forward.


  1. Hi Rois!

    The folding clothesline looks great!! Cant wait to see it when its finished. I recently brought a new one myself as Im a big beleiver in drying the washing outside especially as the Australian climate is so nice most of the year.
    This is what I got which is a little smaller than yours but does seem to do the job.

  2. I love what you are doing with the clothesline, and with the sturdy wooden supports and then angle braced with forged iron it will be very stable and strong. I want to look at my backyard and figure out the best place for a clothesline, where it is now is not the best. They do have nice clotheslines in Australia too (also many good waterbarrel options), but we have to figure out what we can do here with what we have...

    I have seed potatoes "chitting" here on my windowsill too. There are other seeds that you can chit to help them get a strong start, according to my garden book. Tomorrow I will be alternating garden work with taxes... My yard and garden is calling me.

  3. Thank you Eco Washing Lines,I checked out the website you sent me. These are just like the one our friends built! I am so happy,now I can show Chance and see if we can make some adjustments.Or not, it seems like his idea will work.
    I am inspired even more to keep blogging.I thought it would be just family and friends interested in what we are doing here.Then you pipe up all the way from AU.