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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Digging in the dirt

Yesterday was a beautiful day here.Plenty of sun and a bit warm for the time of year. So of course Chance and I were out in the yard.
Chance finished putting the rest of the plumb wood on to the wood pile for next winter.It looks like we have just over a chord of wood from the plumb. Once the Apple tree is down and stacked onto the pile we should have another chord.Fruit trees have great wood that burns hot and slow.This cuts down on how much wood we will have to burn at once.
Our younger son Sol has also set a piece of the plumb aside to make me a bowl. He wanted us to have something to remember the tree by; he is kind of a tender sentimental guy. Thanks for thinking of it Sol.
Our neighbor Billy has jumped onto our band wagon of sharing garden goodies. So in the spirit of things he brought over a box of extra starts he had, five purple topped Brocs and about 10 nice Ever Bearing Strawberry starts. Of course I got right to planting. Neither of us has ever tried the purple topped Brocs so it will be fun to try something new. I planted the Strawberries along the edge of one of the new beds in the front yard.I want to get some more so we can have berries all the way around the bed. The Brocs went into one of the Hay Bales in the main garden.Today when we checked on them they seemed happy and upright.
Today we picked up some Yellow Finn Potatoes to plant at the end of this month.We have never been succeseful at growing Potatoes but after much reading,HMMing and such we are giving it another try.In the main garden we started a new Potatoe bed,layers of thick straw then soil and so forth. We shall see if it works.I am willing to try at least.
We also picked up from Aloha Feed some Walla Walla Sweet Onions. Already our boys are begging to make Onion Rings. These went into one of the front beds that we are using for root crops.
What else.... The Peas are starting to pop their heads up. This gave me so much pleasure that I find myself wondering out the garden often though out the day. I am so excited by every thing that I just want to hang out, even in the rain, in the garden.
Last of all we were feeling like we were living in a fish bowl with the tree gone. To give us something green to look at Chance moved the five big tubs of Bamboos we have out to the front. We are liking it and has given us some thing else to ponder. Should we leave the Bamboos in the front.
Our neighbors Rob and Amanda grow Bamboo at their house.Over the last couple of years we have traded things with them for some different varities of Bamboo. If anyone is in the market for Bamboo and lives close by let us know.Rob has some buckets already to go and up for sale.
Today is Thursday in the Viking age it was called Thors-Day. Not many know that Thor is not only a warrior but he brings fertility and growth. So happy Thorsday one and all,may Thor bless your endeavors.

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  1. So jealous... I have been working a show and have had no time to dig in the dirt. Next week during spring break we are going to plant some seeds in little starter pots with Noah and Lucy. Never too early to introduce them to the world of gardening. Noah has been asking for two weeks to get planting! I may have to get some daffs or pansys to satisfy the boys instant gratification need... we'll stick those in the ground Monday.