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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today the view of my world changed.

Today the view of my world changed and I cried. Today was the day the Plumb Tree finally came down.I was ok with it until the last stump came crashing down that's when it all sank in, my tree was gone. I am going to miss all the animals and birds that could be seen in the tree.Just this morning we saw 4 Nuthatches who were migrating through. I will miss the shade come summer but the Birches we will be planting grow quick so the shade will return.
The up side to it? We reconnected with some neighbors we have not seen all winter. One neighbor asked for help taking down a smallish tree in their yard and lots of people stopped to say what a shame it is to see the tree gone. Our two boys stacked the wood for next winters wood pile ; that's a nice thing about wood it can warm you twice. We also had offers of help from folks which was mighty nice,it makes the work go quickly.
I have posted some photos of the process.I did not get a shot of the whole tree before Chance stated, I was busy getting bread dough started.
We have ordered 3 yards of soil to be delivered today, they still have not come. The plan was to split up, Chance would work on the tree and I would work on moving soil around. We were trying to get plenty done while the rain was away. We will just have to work in between rain showers.
Once I get the soil on top of the hay bales I have early spring crops to plant, peas and an assortment of greens. We are also using some of the soil to build a whole new bed out in the front yard so hurry up truck I need my soil!
Take care.

P.S As for the Chicks, they are doing just dandy.They are starting to grow their wing feathers and have these spiky nubs of tails. I don't remember our last round of chicks being as happy sounding as these 4.I have great hopes that they are going to be a nice flock.


  1. I'm kind of odd because I think it's cool and fun to cut down a tree. (Maybe it's because I know it's just making room for more stuff to plant and grow.) I like the pictures! That was one big funky tree! So many trunks! Did it actually produce edible plums? I want to plant a fruiting plum tree in our yard because I like to eat plums.

  2. Chance loves to cut wood and so he had fun cutting it down.Although later he said he was sad to see it go.
    The tree started out many years ago (before us) as one plumb tree,it fell over and the suckers were allowed to grow back.So we ended up with this crazy 10 limb tree.It had these smallish pale purple fruits.So small that the pit was most of it.
    I'd like to have what is called an Italian Prune.Those are nice plump fruits that are good for drying or canning. They are dark blue/purple and dusty looking skin.
    This morning looking out at the mess from taking down the tree is like YIKES what a mess.But I can't wait to see the new yard.