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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The begining of Hrafinstaad.

Welcome to my blog "Hrafinstaad" Hrafinstaad is a hybrid word we use for our house and studios. The word means "Raven's House or Place" . Raven is our homes totem and we value who Raven is; trickster, scavenger , messenger,opportunist and life mate. By watching Raven and his cousin Crow we have learned to be resourceful and playful in the indevors we take on.Well and the love of bright shining pretties which we like to create to feather our own nest.
I live a small house in Beaverton Oregon with my husband Chance and our two sons Issac and Sol. We have a few house mates as well.Our lost and found dog Thora, 4 chickens all named for famous women, Cleo, Abligail, Joan (as in of Ark and I really do think that bird hears voices in her head.) and Amelia and some place in there is loud mouthed Toby our cat.
Our house has been a 10 year journey and something is always changing around here. After battling a losing battle with a Pig Weed invasion in our garden for the past 3 summers we find ourselves starting in a new direction with our yard. Chance and I have always been interested in Urban Farming but life with kids has kept us from moving seriously in that direction. Now out of nessity we are stepping towards our dream of our own Urban Farm. This blog will cronical our journey towards full filling our dream.
In the coming weeks I will be posting about all of our Urban Farm projects . We will be working on several projects as Spring comes with all of its hopefullness. A new chicken coop,including the new chicks we are adding to our flock,the 4 plus year plan for the new Hay Bale garden beds, the sad day we take down my beloved Plumb Tree.And the project that is the biggest and most hopeful,the building of an Earth Oven for baking.
Besides blogging about our projects I plan on blogging about the great community of neighbors we live amongst. Since moving here our neighborhood has grown and changed all in a positive way. Since the day we moved in there has been a strong community here on our block that radiates through out our small suburban neighborhood. I am hoping to debunk the myth concerning living in the dreaded Suburbs.
So stay tuned folks.I have things to do and things to say. I want to share it all and see if we all can't learn something along the way.

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  1. I like how you have a totem and values for your family . . . my counselor suggested a 'coat of arms' for our family . . . I like your ideas!