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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A quiet week.

This week has been a quiet one.Chance started to take down the rotting Apple tree in the back and was going to move on to the Plumb in the front when the chain saw made other plans. So until the chain saw is back from the repair shop at Aloha Feed the trees still stand.
I am personally pleased to have the Plumb a few more days.I love that tree.The Plumb sits on the Western side of the house,right out our front window. The tree is a huge umbrella that fills that part of the yard. In the winter when we want sun light coming in the tree is without leaves.Then when the winter dull drums hit the tree is a showy white splendor full of blooms ; on the days it is windy it looks like snow falling. Once the heat of summer hits the tree gives us nice deep shade. Sadly we must take it down,all of its 6 trunks are rotting causing the tree to sag towards the ground,our neighbors fence and the front window of our house. We asked several folks who know about trees and how to save them what to do. The first suggestion was to thin it out really good,that just made the tree a bit ugly for a year.By the end of that season we noticed things were getting worse and we realized that it will just have to come down.
The good news about it I suppose is Chance and I have always wanted some Birch trees so now we will get them.Our friend in Sisters is a wood worker and wants some of the wood to make a drum so in the drum the tree will live on in a merry way. We are also saving the biggest limbs to build the rafters for the roof over our Earth Oven. We can also add to our wood pile for next winter.As for all of the little stuff,that will become wood chips for a path in the back yard. So many uses for my beloved tree.
I was also excited to find my blog mentioned on Urban Farm Stores blog.Thanks Robert! I will be coming into Portland to buy my chicks from Urban Farm in a couple of weeks.I will be getting 4 of the Ameracuna Chicks who will live in a box in the kitchen and become the newest members of our urban farm. If you live in Portland or come into town as we do stop and check out this great neighborhood store.Robert has been so friendly and full of great information. I have a link to their website listed in my links.
To be continued...


  1. I shall need to go read the Urban Farm store blog now...Do you know if they will be getting in all hen chicks or mixed sexes? Also if you want go take a look at my new blog Acorn Cottage Artisanry, (it links from my name here)

  2. well, Duh! if I go and read what they have to say about their baby chicks it says right at the top of the page that they only carry pullets...

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