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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Celebrating Sol.

Yesterday was our young Solomon's 15 th birthday.At his request we had Asian Salad Rolls for dinner followed by Chocolate Pie for his treat.

Yet again I am amazed that time is passing and our boys are turning into fine young men.Sol is now taller than Chance and won't be done growing anytime soon.Solomon Foster,his name means borrowed peace and that is him.Sweet, tender hearted and caring but needs reminders that  peace needs to be nurtured.

Sol is our tinker-music man.His love of music always makes me smile,as a young child he hated it when we played any kind of music and would cover his ears.Now music is always playing  when he is around,either on his guitar or from the stereo.He is also a great builder of wondrous,useful and whimsical things.He has built cameras,cigar box guitars,bikes and many little gadgets.He is spending all of his birthday money on building a moped to ride.
A boy and his bike.

The video below is dedicated to Sol,who is always growing the garden in his mind.Filling it with dreams and ideas and sharing them with us as he goes along.

Happy Birthday my Not so Little Man.Thanks for your handsome smile,bringing me snail shells from the woods,your love of creating and for homeschooling with me that year,we did it just fine.Love Mama.



  1. What a rightly proud mama. My youngest was just promoted to high school yesterday, so I am in that bittersweet mother place.

    1. Sol started at the high school here this school year.And since time flew by for Issac I am sure it will too for Sol.What's a mama to do?