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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ant update.

When I blogged about the Ants under our back patio I mentioned sending an email to The Ant Blog asking them about the twigs in the Ants holes.

Last night we received an email asking for photos and more details! I was so excited to hear back from them I did a bit of a dance.

The people at the Ant Blog told us in their email that they had never heard of Ants using twigs and leaves to fill their holes,just rocks.They are curious to learn more too.

I just sent them our reply and now the waiting begins.Having someone who knows Ants ask us about our Ants and their unknown behavior is very intriguing.The science loving Geek in me is chewing her nails all while the gears in my head are turning.

It's most likely not as amazing as I am thinking it is.I bet the Ants are just using what materials they can easily find in our back yard.Which is cool for the reason that the Ants are adapting to their environment.I really wish we had some sort of micro sized camera to stick under the patio so we could see the Ants at their work.

Gotta love nature and all of it's creatures.



  1. Ants are the biggest headache in my garden they harvest avoids and kill whatever they decide to take over.

    1. Ants are a mixed bag,the ones I have been blogging about are the tiny ones you see on sidewalks.I am ok with them as long as they stay outside.

      My biggest garden headache is the pigweed that tries to choke everything out.