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Sunday, April 8, 2012

What I love about home

One of my many passions other than homesteading is home design,I spend a lot of my time online looking through design blogs.One of the sites I like is Design*Sponge,if you click over there you will see it's not just about design but other home related topics as well.Over the last few years I have found many inspiring ideas.

One of the things that they do over at Design*Sponge is when they do a house tour they ask the owner of the house what they love about home.I've been mulling this over trying to come up with an answer for myself that is not to cliche-ish. Sure,there's the fact that I live here with my family whom I adore.I love our sun filled front room ,the garden (maybe not today,it's overly muddy out back right now) is great too.I love the things we have filled our home with,there's lots of good memories tied to most of them.

I think this weekend I can finally say what I love about home,it's days like the past two.Days spent doing what we  all individually love,building things (Sol's working on rebuilding his bike and making a small Camera Obscura.),time spent with friends (Issac has a new girl he spent his time with and did some BMX filming with a buddy.) sunshine, a score of a day shopping at the Goodwill Bins,going to the feed store,bringing home seeds,digging in the soil and tons of cooking going on.So I think what I love about home are the times when we are all doing the things we are passionate about,they fill the house with happy vibes.

Today the house feels full of abundance.Maybe it's the sunshine pouring in the house that has put me in such a great mood,don't know.Maybe it's being able to once again step out my doors and find our own food growing,not a ton yet but some good things.

We have eggs coming out of our ears.All 8 birds are laying daily,that's 56 eggs in just one week.Good thing we've been cooking and sharing.

The fresh herbs are doing well again adding flavor to our food that we have missed over the winter.

I cut some rhubarb today to make this Rhubarb Cheesecake,my Mom and Brother are coming for dinner and I wanted a different way of using the rhubarb for a dessert.It's cooling in the fridge and looks like there may be no left overs other than the slice saved for Issac's Girl.

Not much yet but things that are inspiring us to fill our plates with good things.

What do you love about home?


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  1. Guess no one loves home or no one is reading my posts.Hmmm.