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Friday, April 27, 2012

Because it would happen at our house...

A few weeks ago our friend was passing through town from his house in Canada and stopped here for a night.It was a great visit especially since we only get to see him maybe once a year.

As a host/hostess gift he offered us some packs of meat he brought down from his freezer.One package offered was salmon (yum) and the other was venison (double yum).We happily excepted the gifts and put them in our freezer for later.

We opened and ate the venison the same week our friend was here.Who could wait,that stuff is good.

A day or so ago Chance took the salmon out of our freezer to thaw for a dinner this week.Funny thing is once Chance opened the bag last night it was not salmon.It was three beaver tails.Huh? What? We had thought the skin on the frozen "salmon" looked odd through the bag but we just thought "whatever" and didn't think about again.

Three beaver tails....Not on the menu,not too sure we wanted it on the menu and how do you cook those puppies anyway?

Beaver tails.

A quick family vote was taken. 4 : 0 no one wanted to eat it.Seems like a waste but my adventurous side was suddenly on vacation someplace where they eat salmon not beaver tail for dinner.

The boys both rolled their eyes at us and poured bowls of cereal for their dinners.Our boys crack me up.I sometimes wonder what goes through their heads when yet again Chance and I have come up with some not so main stream plot or project.They seem to roll with it pretty well.And dang as adults they might have some good stories for their kids.I can hear them at their future dinner table telling their kids "Settle down and eat your dinner,it's good.Not like the time Grandpa and Grandma tried to get us to eat beaver tail for dinner."

We now have a plate in the fridge with the beaver tails laying there.What will we do with them?

I looked up some recipes.First off you have to peel the tough tail skin off. Then after soaking the tails in water and vinegar over night you can stew them.Some folks think they are a real treat.Fur trade era trappers would only eat the tails and toss the rest of the meat.

I also discovered that in parts of Canada there is a flattened doughnut,fried bread,elephant ear looking thing called a beavertail.There's that Canadian thing again.Maybe our friend should have brought us some of those instead,I am certain we would have enjoyed them greatly.

There is a cactus called a beaver tail too.I hear cactus is good to eat.Now that I would try,minus the thorns.

Look,tail bones.Now what
I posted about this whole experience elsewhere and a friend who really loves her dead and preserved bodies suggested we see if there are any bones in a beaver's tail.Well that got my attention,I like bones too.

This is as far as I have gotten with this.Chance is at work and does not know about my plot to figure out how to get the bones out and how to preserve them.I do have a good idea how to go about it but  some reading needs to happen first.The last time Chance and I did something like this we stank up the house because the bones were not fresh but hopefully we can avoid that since the tails have been frozen.


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