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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

L is for Links

 Just a few links to share for now.

Potato Project .......Now why do I grown my own food and buy organic?

Remember the number 8 when shopping for groceries.Why? Read this super easy tip.
( I have yet to explore the website this link is from,don't blame me if it is odd stuff.I just wanted the tip I posted.)

Glad to know I am not the only one worried about there being fewer bugs. I think adding some bug habitat into our garden projects would be great.

My local readers most likely know this Portlander's work already.Awesome Urban Farming themes over here.

And you really should follow this French Gardeners blog.It's total eye candy.Don't worry the posts start in French but then at the bottom it's in English.

I had the flu last weekend so I was able to stock pile these for sharing. Issac is the last one of us getting over this yuck of a bug so by the weeks end we should all be rolling along once more.

Other than that we have had interesting weather here that made me late for work twice this week.Snow,No Snow,Heavy Rains,Winds.My Dad is now on flood watch and has no power.I can't reach him by phone and they won't let us get close enough to go get him.Hopefully he is safe and got his horses moved.Wish him luck.
I am going to close because this is starting to sound like a country western song,all I need to add is the story of the dog my Dad gave away coming back to his house after 6 weeks. (Really,that happened just a week or so ago.)



  1. I've heard about your dramatic rains. I hope all is well. And now there is a dog involved. You know what that does to me. Best to your dad, too.

    1. Margaret,Dad and his dogs are fine as of yesterday.The power is back on so now he does not have to make his everlasting pot of coffee on top of the wood stove.