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Friday, August 13, 2010

That's a lot of chips

That's Prime Metal Man hanging on the garage,even he is saying -Oh my that's a lot of chips!
Many months ago Chance and I called to be put on a waiting list for a load of free wood chips from the local power company.When I talked with the lady in the office she asked me  "Are you sure? It can be like 5 pickup truck beds full."  Yes, we wanted them even if it did seem like a lot of chips. This week the trucks have been in our neighborhood trimming the trees away from the power lines and finally yesterday they dumped our load of chips in the driveway. Not 5 pickup truck beds full but it is still a big pile.

Half way across the yard.

 Chance and I started by filling the path in the backyard.We filled the path to the top of the stones knowing the chips would compress down after a while. We also put some around the back garden near the chicken coop, around our old apple tree and under the big fir tree in our breeze way.
Hmmmm,there's still a lot of chips left.

 We still have a big pile of chips to figure out where to put.We can put some in the compost and around our climbing rose but after that I am at a loss as to where to put this big pile. I am wondering about along our driveway since that's a spot come winter gets pretty wet and muddy. It seems like a useful place and somehow we can make it look nice as well.

  Other than that.... Well, Chance put the Mama hen back into the big coop with the rest of the chickens.It was time,she was starting to pick on the chicks and they have not spent time together in over a week now.Two signs it was time for the next stage. We are leaving the chicks in the Broody house until they are a bit bigger.We have been making sure to let all of the chickens loose so they could socialize and get used to each other.That has been going fine with only a few moments where the chicks have been chased off.

 And my other news is I am returning to work today. I used to work for a local shoe store called Clogs-n-More, my local readers are probably familiar with this Mecca of Dansko's. When Issac got SO sick with his Crohn's a couple of years ago I left Clogs-n-More to take care of Issac. I was sad to leave because I liked my job,co-workers and you couldn't ask for a better company to work for.Well, not only do they sell adult shoes but they also have a kids store,there was an opening there and I applied and start work today.I am excited, I am returning to work for a company I like and I can put my preschool teaching skills to work as well. And honestly I need to be working outside of home.My brain needs the fuel,I need more interaction with people and extra money is always a good thing. I am only working part time which will be perfect for us as a family.I can still be home in time for dinner and homework and have time for homesteading projects.
  Oh and the other bit of family news that is just as exciting as my job,Sol has a new guitar teacher.This is huge for Sol and since he has been at Camp all week he dose not know yet.We had been working on the lessons deal before Sol left but it had not been finalized. Sol is really in to learning to play Delta Blues slide guitar,had started lessons until his teacher had a big ball of life happening and Sol has missed the lessons.Even without lessons Sol has been practicing what he had learned,that is how passionate he is about his music.This Monday will be Sol's first lesson with a local musician who plays this same type of guitar. Also check out this link,it's my favorite video of him.
 I must go now,it's my first day of training and I really should not be late.I hope you get to take a walk on the sunny side of the street today, I know I will be!



  1. I have gotten several truckloads of chips like these and after just a few years almost every sign that they were here is gone except the deep rich organic soil that was left. If you want to use chips as a construction material for paths, etc then you should wait until fall or winter when the leaves are off the branches. That way it will be less like compost and more like bark which lasts several years.

  2. Camas- That is why for the most part we used the chips in places where we are needing to build up the soil. Our pathway gets so hammered that even when we put more wood than trimmings on it, it breaks down.And well the chickens are no help at all since they like to scratch around in it anyway. Chance and I just talked about your comment and are now thinking we will leave a pile to compost.Thanks for the idea.

    Shan- Aw shucks doll!