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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Recycled Kitchen Island

 Since the garden,yard and chickens are all just doing their own thing Chance and I have been focusing on some indoor projects.About a week or so ago I had seen a posting elsewhere about using creative items for kitchen storage.The posting reminded me that I was wanting to reorganize our kitchen,then my gears got rolling and then I remembered Chance and I have been tossing the idea around about having a Kitchen Island for extra work space.We remodeled our kitchen about 3 years ago and have yet to come up with an idea that was affordable and one we both liked.

Our little black dresser turned upside down.
  When we remodeled the kitchen we had picked for about $10 at a yard sale a small dresser that needed paint and new knobs.The dresser was the perfect size for a niche in the kitchen and the drawers are nice and deep for linens. We painted it black and added extra knobs we had for our cabinets. I started our Island project by moving the dresser where an island would be in our kitchen just to get a feel for wither the island would work for us.It did, then Chance remembered he had a sheet of stainless steel in the shop,could it work as a top? And he had some casters to help raise it up and make the island movable.

Casters taken off an old chair.

  The Stainless Steel fit almost perfect (YES!) the only issue was when we set the piece on it hung over and we could not open the top drawer.To solve this Chance built out of some 1x2's a frame that fits the inside of the steel.This frame allowed the top to be raised just enough to still look right and make it so we could open the drawer.Chance attached the wood frame to the dresser with wood screws.He then had to chisel the screw tips off so the drawers would slide in and out smoothly.

 All together the project took about an hour to do.The cost was zero dollars since we reused a dresser and everything else was salvaged from various places.

The finished Island.

   I am getting used to the island being there so far I have only bumped into a couple of times.I am still used to the old lay out of the kitchen.Besides the island I have been moving things around in the house and reorganizing.With the house being small (1200 sq ft) keeping unused stuff out is important.I am also always looking for ways to store things away.
Little Horse Vase.
Before I go I also wanted to show all of you the little horse shaped vase I found at the Goodwill for under a dollar.The top of the horses mane is where you stick the flowers in.I fell in love with its chunky body,it reminded me of the Fjyord Horses I love so much.Even the shape of the mane is like the way Fjyord's are cut.

It is Scout Camp week! We love the boys to death but dang it is nice to have a long break that has no Mother's guilt attached to it.I don't have to feel bad about having a good time because the boys are having one as well.No playing Mom Taxi, WAY less cooking since Chance and I will just eat left overs and whatever else is easy, and quiet. I am sure later in the week I will start to miss them but until then Ahhhhh.
  I am hoping Chance and I can go this afternoon to pick either Blueberries ( I know, it's getting late and I had better do it.) and/or Peaches for the freezer.If not today then maybe tomorrow will work.

             Take Care, Rois


  1. Hey Rois, this looks awesome. I keep a file of cool photos on my computer so that when we finally buy a house I have inspiration. Your kitchen island photo is in that file now, hope that's ok :) Enjoy the week, I'm glad your dad is doing well after the fall. Get lots of you time in!

  2. Your new kitchen island looks great!! Peaches and blueberries sound wonderful - wish I could get my hands on some. :>) Together they'd make a good pie.

  3. CC- the great thing about building an island out of furniture parts is you can move them even if it is to a new house.

    Conny- I lovingly call you evil,peach and blueberry pie sounds soooo good.