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Friday, May 14, 2010

The news from Hrafinstaad

 I do apologize for ranting in a couple of postings this past week,I am done at least for now and will return to my normal self for a bit.

                                              Zephaniah our Roo. 

   I have a couple of bits of news to share. Chance and I have been hired to recreate a Hrafinstaad style garden at the home of some people Chance does side work for and we now have a truck,thanks to my Dad downsizing.
 I know we had downsized our own vehicles with much pride but when the offer of the truck came up we realized we should not say no to it. So we are partly paying for and partly working off the $700 my Dad wanted for the truck.The truck will be very helpful while we are working on this large garden project and we won't have to borrow the neighbors every time we need a truck.Chance is planning on still driving the Vespa to work and for quick neighborhood runs.The truck will be mostly parked until there is work to be done.I also remembered (before the truck came up) that last summer when we tried to put our canoe on top of the wagon the canoe did not fit,that could have been a bummer this summer without our own truck.
  The Big Garden Project is going to be a new big step for us.The couple want us to plant a vegetable garden with flowers and herbs mixed in which will be easy enough to do.They also want us to fill in some gaps in their landscaping and create a "garden" for their chickens to forage through.These are easy as well,the only challenge is learning where the sun will be in their very shady yard and what will fill their needs and grow with part sun.Besides installing the gardens we have been hired to maintain it as well so this will be a long term and on going project.
   I am very interested in the chicken "garden". Last spring I had taken a chicken class that focused on plants you can grow to help off set the price of feed.I enjoyed the class very much and remember some of the plants but I am emailing for a new list of plants to grow for chickens.I have already planted a few things here that our hens like,comfrey and red clover have been a big hit.As I figure this all out I will be sure to post.Part of this garden will involve ways to rotate the chickens through different areas so the plants can re-coop.I am sure Chance and I will be able to find a way that is both functional and nice looking.
  Finally the weather has warmed up! Now I can get out in the yard and finish planting.On the list for this weekend,tomatoes, peppers,beans,cucumbers,squashes and what ever else that we pick out.We tried growing our own starts but they flopped big time.Although our yard is all sun the only good sunny window is in our matchbox sized bedroom..Even with trying a grow light the starts just did not get the light they needed.With that,we will go buy our plants today or tomorrow.My master plans step one  to plant shopping is ,only bring the money we have set aside for plants and not a penny more.I know us really well,the temptation will be great at the nurseries but we must stick to the budget.
   I love this time of year,I went out the other morning to look around the garden to see how things were going,all was fine and on track.I had planted some flower bulbs that were not up yet but I was not concerned.Later that evening Chance and I were back out puttering around and Chance pointed out that the flower bulbs were up. Up? They hadn't been just hours ago but were now an inch or so tall.Not only that but one of our hop vines had from morning to evening reached the top of it's post,it had been only half way up.
 The weekend ahead is looking full and busy.Besides planting we will as a family be going to a Vespa race.The boys and I have never been and Chance is more excited than he is letting on.It should be fun.Plus we have an invitation to hang out with a friend one evening.It looks like it's not only the garden who has woken up but the whole wide world is ready to get busy and have some fun.
 Enjoy the weekend.


  1. I have extra spinach plants and tomatoes if you are interested.


  2. I don't think you need to apologize for your rants, you're human yes? xxo

  3. Where are you buying your starts? I usually pick them up at PSU FM or at Portland Nursery, but wondered if you had a less expensive option?

  4. Portland- This year we found some nice starts at New Seasons around $2 each. It has been my experience that the PSU FM is high on every thing the vendors sell.Once you get away from the center of the city prices fall drastically on all things garden and farm.