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Monday, May 3, 2010

The irony of it ..

 For quiet some time our Issac has been having migraine headaches,thanks to me,I passed that one on. Over the past two months they have been coming more often about every other week.Up until now over the counter meds have worked but the peds doctor said when they stop working to come back to see her.Last night the meds stopped working so we went back to the doctors.Issac now has a new prescription for his migraines to take when he feels one coming on.
 But before we went I being the mother I am looked somethings up online about migraines and food.I always start with food when there is something going wrong,when you live with Crohn's it becomes a habit. And what did I find? A list of assorted foods we don't eat but there was one that caught my attention,homemade breads.Homemade bread!?It has something to do with the yeasts in homemade breads,I am still digging around for the exact reasoning behind this because I want to understand it wholly.   Here I am baking our bread and it could be making Issac unwell.I ran it by the doctor but she had no idea but thought if we wanted to try an experiment on our own she would be interested in what I came up with.
  This morning when I was reading I started to think back on when Issac's headaches started and what was different.I have been baking most of our bread since his headaches started so over the next few weeks I am not baking our bread.I am hoping it works.I would much rather spend money on bread than have Issac taking one more pill.
 I won't be surprised if the bread ends up being the factor,with Crohn's life is full of these little mysteries that the doctors don't always get or understand.My theory is people with Crohn's have sensitive systems that are easily over loaded by environmental stuff that other peoples bodies ignore.Crohn's is an Autoimmune disorder so your immune system is always in over drive,give it less to freak out over and things can balance out.That's how I see it always consult with some sort of doctor,they don't always get it but they mostly try.
 If anyone out there has any clues about bread and migraines I'd love to hear your input.Issac is an awesome kid who does not use his Crohn's as an excuse ever and keeps his head up even when things are tough.


  1. My daughter has had her fair share of migraines, but we think they are related to the anti-convulsants she takes. But before we realized that we looked at all the triggers and we also came across fresh bread. My niece has really bad and really frequent migraines (although the are getting a bit better now that she is getting older. She's 19). Two things that helped her and my daugher: Magnesseum (however you spell it) supplements, although you should check with you Dr first because I think too much MG can affect your digestive system. Also, accupuncture. My daughter did it when she was 13. She liked it and it seemed to help.

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  3. My grandson, 8 has occasional migraines which are a sure sign he has inadvertently had some gluten. It took a long time to find out he was allergic to gluten, but now it turns out other allergies we supposed he had, he does not have. But the gluten one was so important to detect, as the symptoms were serious.