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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Giveaway by yours truly

I am happy to announce my very first Giveaway! To inspire you to hang your clothes out on a line I am offering this spring themed Clothes Pin/Peg Bag made right here at Hrafinstaad by Yours Truly.The bag will include a set of wooden pins/pegs to make it complete.

To enter please post a comment telling me why you read my blog and what keeps you coming back for more.Sign up as a new Follower and you will get double chance's in the drawing.

The deadline for entries will be Sunday February 21 st by 9PM.I will notify the winner on Monday February 22nd.

Good Luck and now let the Giveaway begin!



  1. Dear Rois, I really like the new fabric that you chose, and your clothespin bag makes me think of spring.

  2. Rois,
    I like to read your blog because i think that you are fantastic...now if i could only figure out to subscribe......:)

  3. Great prize! Good luck on the contest :)

  4. I read your blog because you're my friend, you write well, I love your homestead and I'm inspired by your moves towards self-sufficiency and sustainability. Good reasons, eh? ;-)