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Friday, January 29, 2010

Hello All,

I wish I had some useful information to share today but I don't.I have been working at the
Urban Farm Store this week potting trees and I am wiped out. I lost count of the trees potted when we reached 100.About that same time I started a mantra "This is easier than bucking hay." Have any of you ever bucked hay? I know many of my regular readers are from outside of the states and may not be familiar with the phrase "Bucking Hay",bucking hay is many long days spent out in a field loading full sized hay bales onto the back of a truck then unloading them into the barn.It's tough farm work that Chance and I used to help my Dad with,I'd rather pot trees by far.

We have a busy family centered weekend ahead of us.Our young man Issac will be attending his first formal dance at his girlfriend's school. Tomorrow I will double check for wrinkles in his brand new clothes,press his tie,pick up flowers,give his hair a trim and try not to cry over how handsome and grown up he is. I'll try and not embarrass him at his girl's house when we pick her up I promise! (Did I mention she is so dang gorgeous I wonder how Issac dose not swoon every time he see's her?) ***Note to self: Wear water proof mascara tomorrow.

Monday I have an interview that I am excited about,a local writer is interested in us for an article she is writing about families who are "urban farming". I was a bit uncertain about doing the interview at first but gave it some thought and will go for it. I hesitated only because we are not living this life because of the trendy-ness of it.We live this life because it is my roots,it is just the way I have always lived,the only thing different about it is I chose to write this blog about it.

I am now trying to guess at what the writer will ask me about our life and how to sum it up neatly.So much of what we do is so normal to us that I don't give it any thought.Well until I am sitting here writing and trying to share my thoughts with all of you. Wish me luck.

So I have a lurking reader out there whom I'd like to say hello to only because I curious about who you are.Hello to the reader in Grass Valley Oregon, boy you live out in the middle of some beautiful country.Thanks for stopping in to read.

Not that I don't enjoy seeing all of the other lurking readers especially when I see far away cities like Hanoi in Vietnam on a weekly stop by.Wow,that's a long ways a way. I'd like to hear from more of you and hear what you have to say and how you do things in your corner of the world.Sharing information and ideas is the thing I love about blogging and reading others blogs.Way better than a book at times and inspiring to boot.

I am going to bed,my arms ache, my knees are a bit mad at me and I get to sleep in tomorrow morning.Wow sleep in did I really say that,I did,that's awesome. Sweet Dreams or good morning depending on which side of the world you live on.

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