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Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Citrus Celebration-Marmalade and an Orange Tart

Orange Marmalade and an Orange Tart.

Thursday my friend Alison came over to walk me through making Orange Marmalade.I had decided that I wanted some help since every single recipe for Marmalade was so different I felt a bit overwhelmed.Alison makes great Marmalade so she was my choice in teachers. You can click over to her blog for the full details on how to make various Marmalade's and a link to the book she uses for the recipe.

To make 2 batches took us a whole days worth of work with visiting in between. Four oranges and two lemons gave me 3 pint jars worth of Marmalade. The amount of jars verses the amount of work has left me wondering if I will do this again.We love marmalade but I don't know....maybe if next year I have company again to help make the time go by I'd do it again.Never the less the Marmalade is a treat and much welcomed in the pantry.

Wednesday's I like to bake us a midweek treat for dessert.I wanted to make something from my Grand Central Bakery Book but kept finding I was lacking one thing or another,dang it, but I came across their Lemon Tart recipe and decided to make it with a twist that fit what I had on hand.The recipe calls for Lemon Curd and lists the recipe for the Curd but I had Oranges in the pantry so my experiment started.I replaced orange zest and juice for the lemon in the recipe,I was not sure how it would turn out but it was awesome. The only thing I will change next time is to monkey around with the crust amount,I got the back edge of the tart crust a bit too thick.The first time I use a recipe I always follow the directions and make my own adjustments the next time.The tart was very rich and buttery with a pleasant mild orange flavor.I am thinking the next time I make one of these I will add a bit of zest to the tart dough too just to boost the orange flavor.

I had wanted this to be a longer posting with a bit more information but time is pressing me else where so away I go.I am coming back this weekend to talk about raising your own Chickens for meat and about butchering classes.I must zoom off so far well for now.

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