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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh Fire Gods

Oh Fire Gods why have you forsaken me on this morning of record breaking cold? When winter has painted my windows with icy patterns of lace changing the views of the outside world. On a morning when my feet are frozen cold along with my finger tips and nose.
I brought you offerings to feed your consuming flames.Offerings of the bones of my beloved and gone plumb tree,twigs of apple and logs of a once swaying poplar tree. Shreds of paper fed to you like prayer flags flapping in the wave of your heat.
Yet you will not come and grace my hearth,leaving my loving sacrifice smoldering,gasping for life's breath and cold so very cold. Taunting me like a coy temptress so close but denying me the warmth of your breath. Denying me your crackling laughter.
If I danced upon the hearth stones and sang your praises would that woo you to flame? I could beat on a drum or shake a rattle in my frenzy,anything to see your glowing self.Shall I light some candles and set them at your feet?
Maybe the tiny flame of the candles burning will inflame you with jealously. Sending up a roaring rush of heat to warm my nose,toes and entwining your hot jealous fury between my fingers bringing them back to life. Leaving you to burn and brood within the stove all the day long.Muttering and crackling over the pitiful flames those candles dare to burn.
But,I am a more tender soul than that,no need for jealous rages or hot tempers here upon my hearth.Let me be the temptress sweetly coaxing you with whispers of my breath blowing charms into your ears.Feeding you with loving patience.Luring you to rise up and return to me.
Like the spider said to the fly "Won't you come into my parlor and stay awhile?"



  1. Oh Rois, how poetical, I hope that your sweet homestead is graced with warmth! I LOVE your new header picture! My chickens are surviving okay in the cold, I hope yours are too!

  2. Alison- Ok so the totally INSANE thing is Chance comes home from work to me freezing cold fiddles around with the wood stoves knobs and WHOOSH there is fire.Did not add anything just turned the knobs.
    Love/Hate him at that moment.
    The hens are fine.I took hot tap water out to them a couple of times today.Chickens need lots of water no matter the weather.Th girls were cute gathered around the pan clucking away like they were having a tea party.When I came the second time they knew what I had and came running.I am sure like us they enjoyed a warm drink on a bitter cold day.

  3. You're making me grateful for southern California right now. Good luck with the stove.

  4. Noah and Lucy and I were just chatting about the girls at dinner the other day. So glad to know they are staying warm. Our neighborhood chickens were not outside on Monday, Lucy was quite concerned..lol