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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quilters I have a question

I know some of my readers are Quilters,out of all of the five million skills including sewing I have I know zip about quilts. So I am asking if my idea sounds workable with the hopes that one of you will pipe up and give me a little input.
We have a vintage quilt that is a lap size that I use in the living room.We all fight over who gets the quilt in the evenings,that's how much we love it.It is also a perfect color combo for the front room.
It's a simple pattern of 4 sections of checkers,I guess that's what it would be at least in my mind.
Here is the problem,only one section of the quilt has some squares that are shredding with age. It is only the one fabric,everywhere else is reasonable for the age of the quilt.What I'd like to do is patch over the worst squares with a new fabric that has a vintage print,to try and stay in keeping with the rest. Will patching work?
Really, we love this little softy and I would love for it to keep doing its job.

Feedback,comments, What in the H*ll are you thinking, or any other response will be greatly appreciated.


  1. Dear Miss Rois -
    While I am not a quilter, I have done a lot of sewing and patching in my life, and I think that would be a do-able way to give the quilt some more good years. You'd probably need to stitch the patches in by hand, as that would be more gentle with the remaining fabric, but without seeing it I can't be sure...I'd be happy to let you pick my brains in person sometime next week, if that would help.

  2. Yep, totally doable. I just saw an article (I think in MaryJane's Farm, but not positive since I receive about 6 actual quilting magazines, too) on just this subject. If you email me (busybeaversfarm@gmail.com) your mailing address, I'll find it and mail you a copy of the article.

  3. If the fabric is falling apart and torn I would carefully remove the square and replace it. You could use similar fabric and there's bleach and tea dye that you could use on your "new" fabrics to have it match a little better. Just one idea.

  4. if you are still looking for guidence my mother-in-law is a quilter. I can hook you up. CA