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Friday, October 16, 2009

82 pounds = 410 Apples peeled and sliced

You know the movie "Forest Gump"? And the conversation about all the ways to cook shrimp? I feel over run by Apples, 82 pounds equals 410 apples more or less.Chance and I have peeled,sliced,processed and canned every single one.My hands are chapped and hurt. Ok maybe some of the pain is from bumping up my violin practice to an hour and half daily. But these hands of mine are stiff none the less. And as you can see from the photo above 82 pounds might not have been enough.The boys polished off a whole quart of Apple Sauce in one sitting.
How did my Great Grandparents do this? To put up enough food to last a whole year to feed a large family and sometimes a farm hand.There was no store to run to, the freezer was a hole dug into the cellar floor and town was a days journey away.
Grandma Barbara Ellen, can I channel you some how so I can gain your knowledge? Can you send me a message from the great beyond? So far channeling my Great Grandmothers has not worked.Great Grandma Elizabeth fiddled and was called to dances far and wide.When I play dose she help me? No,I still miss notes.Have I figured out the great math equation that is canning for a whole year no.Sorry but the number you calling is no longer in service or has been disconnected.DANG, I want my dime back!
I baked bread today,did more laundry, took inventory of the rest of my canning jars.It looks like I still have plenty of the wide mouthed ones to make a batch or two of Saurkraut. I went to the market for a few things we needed and tried really hard not to be so pissed that I was breaking down and BUYING eggs! BUYING EGGS, ugh store eggs suck.From here until spring eggs will be for baking only.No one will sit down and eat them. Then in the produce section I realized that soon our garden will be empty and I'll have to buy those things too.But, I did spy their Chantrell Mushrooms, $9.99 a pound,we have three pounds in the freezer, we saved nearly $30 by spending an afternoon in the woods having fun.
It is the weekend,no plan but I am sure we will find a way to fill the next couple of days.Bacon is coming out of the smoker before bedtime,maybe I'll make us a big breakfast minus the eggs. Damn birds you do this every year and it still bums me out.
Rois the egg-less Homesteader.

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  1. I love reading about your homesteading. It's such a different life from my suburban one. It's amazing what you're doing.