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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Taking a blog break.

After some long thinking I am taking a break from my blog writing.I really enjoy writing and sharing what we are up to but there is one dream I had for this blog that has yet to come about.I had hoped that there would be more conversation going on in the comments section.I wasn't looking for compliments,I was looking for conversation and in put. Sharing thoughts,ideas and all of the rest of the good the bad and the ugly that can happen when you are working on living a more sustainable lifestyle.

What really put me to thinking about a break is a matter of personal principal that I am a bit rigid on sometimes to a fault.But it is part of who I am at my core and in my mind a point of being a decent human being.I can not make myself sway a different direction on this one.

A while back Green Man sent me the Liebster Award and requested me to follow along.I was totally honest and stated that this was really not my cup of tea but would play along in a way that I was comfortable with.I was open about this point,I wrote the blog post and made sure to thank him for the award.This is getting to the point of me not being able to let go of my principal.I never heard one word in reply from Green Man.

In my mind when you do something for someone else a thank you should be given.Just a plain and simple thank you.I would think that we all learned that one even before we all got to kindergarten.We are all working on building better lives through living a more green way but the planet can not be a better place if people do not show each other a bit of grace.

Part of me thinks that I owe an apology for throwing Green Man out on the mat in such a public way but part of me thinks not.So all I am going to say about that is what comes around goes around for both of us.

One of my goals for this year is to spend less time talking and more time doing.Meaning-

Spending less time on the computer wasting time I could be doing something that adds value to my life.
Not waiting to do something later when I have the time now.
And finally, talking less about getting together with friends but actually getting together with them.

All of these points really tie into why I am taking a blog break for me.I am finding the computer to be a mind and time sucking vortex that is keeping me at times from using  my time to do more of the things I love.I also want to be working on the friendships in my life by actually spending face to face time with the people I enjoy.Social media,email,text messaging and even this blog to a point are all becoming a bit fake to me.
Yes, everyone is keeping up with each other on a minute to minute bases but no one is stopping to enjoy each other's company.It's like the human connections are fading away from our lives.Isn't community about coming together? I am still working all of this out in my head and by taking a break from here I think I will get that done quicker.I do know that I want to fill my life with things I love and love doing,hopefully a break will answer my question "Do I still enjoy blogging?".

One last time I am going to invite all of you to add your thoughts in the comments,let's see where they take us.



  1. I think that you have some very valid points and issues. While I will miss reading what you write, we have enough of an offline connection that I will still find out what is happening at Hrafinstaad, and maybe we will actually visit each other from time to time...

    I too sometimes wonder if I spend TOO much time online (answer: probably) when I could be actually doing things. For me, my blogging is something that I do just for me, as my form of journaling, it has only been fairly recently that I realised that it could also entail "conversation", and have started leaving comments for folks.

    1. I have been making a point as well to be better about leaving comments that are genuine.I don't want to be calling the kettle black as it were.

  2. I agree that building community through blogging is problematic.

    I usually read blogs in a spurt which means I am usually behind the curve. When I do comment it sometimes feels like I'm talking to the wind (not here, you do a great job of responding to commenters, I'm just talking about blogging in general).

    I'd encourage you to blog when inspired to share, but feel free to go quite when you'd rather spend your focus and attention elsewhere.

    1. Awesome response Jake, I know you do not comment often but when you do it is always good.

  3. I think you need to do what is right for you. I have taken blog breaks. They can be very rejuvenating. But I believe younare right that it is always better to physically connect with people. That is key.

  4. I will miss you - Green Man pointed to your blog. I have taken vacation breaks on my blog. Lately, I too have been thinking about my real life relationships. My blog is more of a well written journal - but that takes time. How to be a writer and have a family and friend life. How do you have a balance?

    1. Balance is something I am always working on and sometimes it feels like a never ending task.

  5. Sometimes I blog, often I don't and I do appreciate what you say about the time and energy it all takes, although I enjoy putting my thoughts into words sometimes and hope that others will enjoy reading about my world. It's always nice to have feedback.

    I hope you will continue to drop in from time to time - it is a pleasant hobby after all and I am sure you will be missed!

  6. Faire une pause est salutaire mais angoissant. Et on se pose plein de questions! Reposez-vous, profitez de la vie, des amis et revenez-nous en pleine forme. Amitiés. Martine

    1. Martine,

      Although I can read French replying back is a problem for me.But thank you so very much for the kind words.