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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wintering in..already?

 We have started to winter in over the last few weeks.Already I ask myself?

 But before it all began Chance,Sol and I went away to the southern Oregon coast to see some different views and to visit a friend.This was our first family trip without Issac,he was working and 18 more than old enough to be on his own but he was missed.
We saw people in kayaks watching whales here.We spied whale tails several times.
 When we returned we were gifted a box of apples from yet another neighbor.There were enough apples to make 11 half pints of Apple Butter for winter.This year I made the Apple Butter in the Crockpot, the person who realized this could be done was brilliant.While it was bubbling I could do lots of other things,including the grocery shopping,without worrying about it burning.Apple Butter is usually an all day stand near the stove kind of deal so being able to do other things at the same time was helpful.

Clockwise-Lobster Mushrooms,Chantrells and a small bag of Huckleberries.

Chance and I have been working extra days all summer and even though we took three days to go to the coast we were still feeling the need to escape the daily life.So this past Sunday we piled into the car with the Favorite Cousin and went to the woods to hunt for some early mushrooms.We found plenty especially since it was very early in the season.
We were lucky to find a new mushroom to Chance and I,Lobster Mushrooms,that my cousin knew all about.They are large, knobby lobster colored fellows,that actually smell a bit like fish.We cooked some up that night,I liked their flavor but the texture was odd to me.
The other find were the huckleberries.I manged to bring home a couple of cups worth which I froze until I have time to make some treat.

Old Dog Thora.
When we went to the woods our faithful companion Thora went with us.Sadly,we are pretty sure this was her last trip to the woods.We had to help her up,over and around things she used to just spring over or wiggle under.Thora is 15 now and her poor old hips are starting to bug her.

Bacon,good to eat and for trading.
Chance made us bacon which we have not had in a great while.Tonight he is starting a batch of Bacon Jam and Pancette.The Pancette will take a few weeks to cure so more about that later.

One large bowl of Hops ready for trade.

Yesterday Chance and I began some of the early winter garden clean up.We started by picking our hops.The bowl in the photo is huge,the largest metal bowl from Ikea.We also picked enough to fill a large basket to over flowing.Today Chance traded the basket full for beer,good trading there.We still have the bowlful to find a home for.If you live local and can pick them up,email us and we can work out a trade.

Like I said we've been working extra days at work which has really put a crunch on our time for homesteading.Two more weeks and I will be back down to 4 days a week so will have more time for getting things done and coming here to blog more often.I feel like I keep having to put things and people off. One more week...oh wait two more and on and on.But this time I know for sure it's only two more weeks.

If any of you would be so inclined to think good thoughts, tomorrow at 3:00 Chance has a job interview for a job he considers a dream job.One of the high lights,he could walk or ride his bike to work something he would love to able to do again.


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  1. You have been busy. I have a hard time hearing about aging pets. Mine is so beloved I am in complete denial about her getting older.