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Saturday, July 21, 2012

I really am still here but life is a bit insane right now with tons of changes coming soon.I can't say just yet what those changes are but it will all be for the best and will be worth the chaos in the end.

A few things I can say-

Issac landed his dream job working in a BMX bike shop as a mechanic/sales person.He hums as he packs his lunch on his work days.I think he loves his job.

Sol has been far and away many times with the Boy Scouts and leaves us again soon for the biggest Scout challenge he has done so far.A three part race-bike,hike and paddling are the three legs of this one.Every time he comes home he is taller and brown as can be.Oh and starving in the way only growing teens can be.

Despite a bit of negligence the garden grows,as well as that damn-able pig weed.Sigh,some day that crap will be gone.This years "kill the pig weed potion" equal parts Kosher salt and vinegar,only to be used where we won't mind sterile soil i.e the garden path but not the garden beds.So no pig weed in the path but still pulling it from the garden.Damn...

The fruit trees are fruitful.Mmmm I am thinking Apple Pie.

I still am planning to get back to my post series I started,soon I hope.

What are all of you up to? Leave a comment or a link so we can all catch up.



  1. Summer. We are counting the days until Patrick graduates, and then his play opens.

    Kids continue to thrive and I pretend I don't hate gong to a day job every day,

  2. Busy with book stuff, teaching, and kids, but it is all good.